Friday, February 22, 2008

long hair

So when I was 12 me and my mom we went to the "kapper" (the barber?/hairdresser?) - it was a 'she'. And she suggested to my that I should let my hair grow - because it would look nice on me, she said. I thought this idea was exciting, because then I would look like "Reno Raines" in "The Bountihunter" - he had long hair obviously. When it came to cool/good looks, I thought he was certainly the man, when I was 12 - especially when he would tie his hair up on the back of his head ("paardenstaart".... he, zucht!). So this opnion I had of this actor, was the reason i went for it: long hair. My hair would remain long for fucking 10 years.

1 comment:

Maite said...

Reno Raines??? Aaahahaahaha!
But he does look great....