Saturday, February 9, 2008

on primary school

When I was a child, I couldn't stand reality. I wanted to experience phantasy. Very often i would play games that were inspired on television series or something. I think I even used to play "Bioman" if anyone remeber that one. I always had to play phantasy characters. When in class, I would often dream away in phantasy, about the game I would play whan the bell rang and we had our breaktime. i can still feel the exitment I felt. My whole body trembling with excitment about the game I would be playing very very soon. At school there was inside - the class - and ouside -the playground - my favorite place in the world. Because there I could become anything and anyone. No boundaries existed. My imagination was powerfull, like you cannot believe. I could switch realities in an instant. To me, going to school was all about being able to play with my friends on the playground. Having fun together.

In class I would do my very best, competing with other children. There were allways one or two that were a real challenge to compete with, as they were very dedicated to being the best. I remeber my class-room experience being very tough. Everything being structured in space, the teacher standing on his little "stage", and we sitting in pairs at a bench. It is absolutely true that children are being brainwashed and trained into discipline in primary schools. The discipline that was expected of us. Being silent, paying attention at what the teacher says. The power this teacher had over us, unimaginable.... if I could travel back in time and stand besides me as I would sit in such a class, I'd probably murder the teacher without hesitation. It's so easy to tyrranize a group of children, so damn and fucking easy. I don't understand how any parent allows this, for their children to be butchered inside a school system.

The primary schools have nothing to do with learing. Proof, I had forgotten almost everything of what i had learned previously, when I got to public school. It is all about discipline and obedience. The "learning aspect" is nothing but an excuse and legitimization of the discipline and behaviour control that is being bashed into childrens troaths. If you literally want to anihillate your child from inside out, to destroy his very being, then I suggest you send him to school as fast as possible. There exsit no teacher in the world that actually cares about the children in his/her class, about who they are. Otherwise he/she would not want to "teach" them.

Every child knows the school system isn't doing what it is supposed to do, because they don't fail to notice woh easily they forget all their newly acquired knowledge. It all just fades away. But is anyone interested in their opinion? Has anyone actually taken a child seriouly, when they say school is stupid and useless and ruining their lives? The only reason why playtime exsist is to not make the children aware at what is really going on.

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