Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Star Wars II

To me, Star Wars really was the greatest story I'd ever heard and seen. When reading back my words, it occured to me that I had left something out of the picture in 'Star Wars'. I had not mentionned fear, specificly.

Now, in in the Trilogy Luke had to face Dark Vader - his biggest fear - to become a fullblown jedi. first time he faces him, Yoda and co. had warned him 'it was too soon and he hadn't finished his training'. But Luke wanted to 'save his friends' and this made more sense to me than what Yoda was expecting of him (that he would have discipline and finish training while letting his friends perish), because I thought Jan Solo was way too cool and brave to be left to his demise. But this whole enterprise ended in a disaster. Jan Solo got freezed inside some stone-toomb blok, and Luke - not being up to Dark Vader yet - lost his right hand and had to retreat, leaving Jan solo behind in the hands of the enemy and trown away like garbage to some bountihunters - because to Dark Vader he was of no real importance.

I never understood why Luke - in the third movie - just surrendered to the enmy, because he believed 'there was still some good inside his father'. He thought he could bring him back. Interestingly, Dark vader was a half machine. He needed al this protheses to be able to live normally and a breathing mask, without wich he would die. So, when Luke lost his right hand to his fathers lightsaber, a process was set in motion that would eventually make him end up like his father. When recovered, Luke received a Robot hand, that was like a real one on the outside. When D V spoke to his son, it was actually a machine speaking. It was poisoned words and deceit. I couldn't believe Luke actually thought he would be able to 'talk to his father'. Had he already forgotten what had happened the last time? This crazy guy chopped off his hand!! So, that whole part I did not like. I was of the opinion Luke should have massacred his father on the first occasion. But then came the ending. What happened in the end? Luke beats up his father, but only because he had 'given in' to his anger (wich - for some reason - was unacceptable, to him.) Then he sais. 'I'm a jedi' to the emperor, who just laughs and starts electrocuting him with his naked hands. And on the brink of deing, just when I feared Luke wasn't going to make it and perish in the hands of the emperor, there stands his father - next to the emperor, he had gotten up a while ago, while luke was being electrocuted - and suddenly he lifts the emperor up and throws him into a massive hole/turbine, with the last strenth he has inside him.

What i did not understand is why it took D V so long to reveal himself? because, while Luke was being electrocuted - burned alive - for a long time DV was just standing there and doing absolutely nothing. Even, when all had ended well, I thought luke should have played safer, and he had taken too many risks, because he 'believed in something'. Even when Luke was burning the corpse of his father and was standing besides the fire, I stil could not understand how he could love him after all he had done. It was as if he had gone mad or something.

Very often I would fatasise over this fantasy world. And I remember how often I felt regret, because none of it was even real.

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