Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Star Wars

Black seemed an obvious font-colour for me to pick. It reminds me of Star Wars, of Dark Vader, because he too was always dressed in black. I used to be very scared of Dark Vader, but at the same time, I would admire him extensively, because he mastered the 'dark side of the force' wich - actually - seemed much more fun than the 'Obiwan Kenobi - let's be a good boy side of the force.' I really identified myself with Luke Skywalker - oh boy, what have I started... Star Wars, yep - because, when Dark Vader told him he would seduce Leia and bring her over to the dark side, I could actually feel with Luke, because he was not allowed to get angry - getting angry and actually using his anger, would mean to become a slave to the dark side and the emperor. It was as if I really understood - as a boy - what this polarity meant. To master yourself as a jedi - this was just self-control, defined as 'good' -, or to become seduced by anger, rage and sadness, wich would make you very powerful for a moment - but by wich you'd become consumed eventually, and this was the great perill, the danger of the dark side, for wich I so much lingered, but where I was afraid to go.

Parents are so lost in their belief systems. I once offered my nephew, who was six years jounger than me, to borrow him the Star Wars trilogy. I don't remember how old we were exactly, but his parents would immediatly interfere and argue that he was to young to be able to understand this movies. He was too little, supposedly. Next time I saw him, he gave me back the Trilogy and ha was very greatfull. He said he had really enjoyed it. And I thought back at how his parents had reacted - and realised, with a certain sense of surprise, that they had been mistaken. When I offered him the film I knew he would understand and have the time of his life. And so he did. I don't remember how many times I've seen Star Wars, but it was extensive. It was my number one movie, the one my parents knew they could never erase from the cassete - without turning me against them.

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GodFree said...

Hi Gabriel,
"Star Wars" came out when I was about late 30s years old; but I enjoyed it immensely, and had copies on videotape of most of the series (until I shifted and had to give up my collection). I reckon there was much truth embodied in those movies...