Friday, March 14, 2008

Oneness and equality

I'm not sure I have something to say. I just felt like writing. the touching of the keyboard is nice.

I see now how I have been operating for a while now. It begins with the title of this blog. Why do I give it the name "mind robot". In the begining I saw other peoples blogs, with "me" and "life" in their titles and it fucked me up. I've had problems with seeing myself as equal and one with everything. At a certain point I even dropped speaking the words - as I made myself believe it was unnessecary - well, it is nessecary so don't make same mistake as me. The onness and equallity is the whole point, and I missed it completely. That's why I had so much trouble accepting statements like "you are not your mind", because I felt there existed no support-structure outside of it. I would want to argue, missing the point every time, as the words "one and equall" meant nothing to me. Only now, reaching what I'd call the very bottom of me, seeing the experience I endured of me - being expendable - I sensed the urge and absolute nessecity to restate myself completely. So, with some cool assistance from Eagle, I sart speaking new words and make them my own - until I am one and equall as all as one as me.

thge very sound of the words "onness and equallity" would sound like piss in my ears. I almost had to break down before realising the arrogance of me - and I see all that needed to happen before I would hear, before I would even bother to see. I'm glad I'm here now with me. I'm truly amazed about myself.

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Rajah Mahsohn said...

I had a thought today of how I have judged people's beliefs in the past. "Oneness and Equality" was what Utopian tree huggers said and the idea that our pyramid based society would turn into a straight line was crazy in my mind. Just look at my thoughts, It was/is me that continues the support of this society, it is me who is the reason why it won't change, it is me who by believing in it, started it in the first place. There exists no beginning, only the continuation of what we allow.

I am deception