Friday, May 16, 2008


Audrey Hepburn on Boredom

I do the self forgiveness in dutch, the formula is something like follows:

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to become bored and because of this wanting to distract myself through doing... something something.

I'll just - for now - make a list of the things I do or did to relieve myself from boredom:

smoke cigarettes
drink alcohol
get drunk
smoke weed
get stoned
get myself sexually aroused and then have orgasm
eat chocolate
eat chips
eat ice-cream
give phone-calls to friends
send somebody a message
check my emails
go to sleep
lie down on my bed
sleeping longer than nessecary, even after having slept enough, just continue sleeping cuz I feel bored with myself and my life already.
writing a poem on the computer
reading novels
reading short stories
watching movies
watching television
check on the desteni-website
surf the net for some new exciting information concerning "world events"
roll myself a cigarette, even if I'm not yet sure if I will smoke it
going to work (yes, I would sometimes be relieved I would be able to go to work, because i was so dead-bored)
running around at work, looking for a table to clean
watching desteni video's
put up a cd
listening to music
kook myself some food
put a chewing gum in my mouth
look at myself in the mirror once again
play a game
play cards
fold myself some bird out of paper
fold myself a complete zoo with sheets of paper
crack my fingers
crack my neck
take a shower
take a bath
go outside for a walk
play computer games (starcraft, age of empires, Outcast, Dragon riders, Unreal Tournament II, Maffia, Speed Busters, Crock, Hellbender, Monster Trucks, Star Wars, Quake II, Virtua Fighter, Sonic, Conflict Freespace... and Guild Wars)
eat candy
look around if there is something to do
try to make some music with a computer program
buy myself Magic cards
play Magic Cards
go through all my magic cards once again and look at the pictures
surf porn on the internet
go look for porn in magazines, while I wait for train in the station
buy myself food in a store because I have to wait for the train
enter a store without even needing anything
play on leila's guitar
make box beat sounds with my mouth
go out, to dance on music
go to the Cinema
eat myself some dessert after dinner
drink water, even when I am not thursty
drink orange juice, even when I am not thursty
with the mouse of computer click some on the screen, or make some squares on the screen
with a pen or pencil draw some lines on a piece of paper, not even looking at what I'm drawing
talk to the Canarie bird
go annoy maite or leila
imagine msyelf telling a joke to someone and then laughing with my joke
making funny faces in the mirror and imagining somebody thinks this is very funny
speak in strange accents alone to myself, imagining I am performing a joke to somebody
sing a song while walking around
look at the sky

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