Saturday, September 6, 2008

friendly people - yay


about friendlyness and friendly people

my boss gave me a call at home to ask me if he could switch around some hours and because he sounded calm and friendly i said 'sure' but i found out now i have to work 10 hours on monday - which is long, he told me from this time to this time, but i was like whatever and didnt really hear that part clearly and i didnt expect he would give me 10 hours so i didnt ask - busted

this is prominent at work - dealing with peoples friendlyness, i was alreasy seeing the dishonesty and something is majorly off the hook with friendlyness, - so i can thank my boss for making me see the point

friendlyness = manipulation

im done being friendly

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Ruben said...

hello Gabriel. Cool realization. They will always be friendly with us when they want something from us, that's how "we" move, talk.. To obtain something from others.