Wednesday, December 3, 2008

from nothing back to nothing

what can be observed about death in this world?

That beings DIE and they are no more, they no longer exist - and then new beings are born who seem to come out of nowhere

How was life controlled on earth?

Through hopes and beliefs about what death actually represents

Beings would speak of a White Light, when having near death-expereinces and expereince themselves floating 'out of their bodies'

Through these and other accounts, perceptions were created - that apparently there exists something 'greater'

Human beings have allways remained in the belief that they cannot possibly be deceived about DEATH

but look, we come in this world and we don't know who the fuck we are

Then we live our lives, knowing that one day we will die

This are the only facts we have

Yet, we have claimed that we could not be deceived,

pretending to know what is going on in this existence

Based on what?

On a STORY ?

On good luck?

Have we ever been honest about death?

Why we really fear it ?

Have a look...

What do we know about death ?

Beings seem to disappear, to vanish from existence and this is called death

And then there are all the new beings that are born into this world - they seem to appear out of nothing

So, in death we return to NOTHINGNESS

and out of NOTHINGNESS the new are born in this world...


Would it not make sense that in death ALL and EVERYTHING that you have believed yourself to be within this world, is LOST ?

Would it not make sense that what we have designed ourselves to be as human beings in this world

is actually NOT REAL ?