Monday, September 28, 2009


today i was writing and a song 'emerged' within me from axelle red:


and another song

"i'll kill her..." - so i'm wondering what the point is

i arranged to meet two people tomorrow near 'my university' - interesting word-placement

the song came up and in my body a movement, like a compound effect that starts like tensions - the song been here for couple days

yesterday my mom showed me pictures of people in sa, i reacted to some, but i wasn't aware, mostly to girl pictures - not sexually though (really?)

what is interesting is that these points are here, yet they need to compound for me to actually get it - i will walk around for days with one mind-demon trying to sort out what im expereincing through body responses on pains in the body, untill i unexpectedly see what its about

with pictures that come up related to pains

ok im done

another song was 'army dreamer...' - from kate bush

- perhaps its a mindfuck

- perhaps im not getting it

- anyways ill see

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