Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Interesting feedback

So at work I was having an update meeting some weeks ago with my boss where we discuss my results and we talk about where I am not yet fully effective and where I should improve and what I should consider.

At one point he was explaing to me how one can make sure that you went all the way to close a deal. He said if at a certain stage of the conversation the person chooses to not take your offer and they are not pissed off with you, then you didn't go all the way. If on the other hand you go to such an extent that the person on the other end of the line gets angry and smashes down the phone - then you know you went all the way.

He said: many people have issues with doing this - do you know why?

I said: I guess because they fear being seen as 'bad' and doing somehting 'wrong'.

He said: look at the words you are now using... the day you can go there and don't see yourself as 'bad' or doing somehting 'wrong' - then you will become the most effective possible salesman.

So - this was cool feedback from my boss, where he's basically saying: "fuck morality" and encouraging me to be more ruthless in the system.

So, I highly recommend doing sales to anyone having issues with morality and good and bad - because you will certainly be challenged and also your communication skills will improve extensively.

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