Sunday, December 26, 2010


So yesterday evening I did an Osho card reading to check why my left pinky was twitching so much and because I had now established that it was not due te ineffective breathing.

Points that revealed:
1. innosence as core issue

With on top of that 'guidance' and 'who I am' wthin the issue was 'control' - which correlated with the pains in both my upper arms

So I did some self-forgiveness based on what came up in that moment - though this morning I see I may have rushed into an idea and missed the point of what the reading is atually signifying...

2. what I attract from the outside = the 'existence' card (not sure what this stands for and I deliberately did not go and read the booklet because of how I abused this very point in the past and I decided to stick to what I can immediately see)

3. Desires/denials: 'creativity'
Normally this card had always represented 'work' - though I consider the work issue to be sorted out sufficiently, so to me it represents creativity and expression because I noticed how I had thoughts/desires when seeing or listening to other peoples songs for instance and I decided I cannot go there (as in creaing a song myself for instance) because I have no time or because I have no right to that

Yet I am unsure if this is a plain denial or if I am to approach the point as a desire - I'll see...

More posts to come...

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