Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Adventures of Tintin - an Equal Money perspective

I recently saw the latest Tintin movie and would like to give some perspective on it. There is in particular one scene in the movie that I'd like to look at and discuss. This is when Tintin arrives into the Carraboudjan and finds Captain Hadoc there, in his cabin in the ship, locked in a room and busy intoxicating himself with alcohol.

The point with this scene is that supposedly Hadoc lost his ship to his crew who mutinied against him – where he ended up locked up in his cabin, completely powerless in his own ship.

However when Tintin arrives, by sneaking in through the window, and they both look at how to get out, they simply find the door of the cabine was actually not locked – the door simply opens and Hadoc could in fact have left in any given moment.

Now – to place this in broader context, this exemplifies very well the situation of humanity – because it clearly shows that whatever one experiences is always the result of one’s own acceptances and allowances, one always creates one’s own consequence.
Thus in the movie Captain Hadoc has the opportunity to take responsibility for himself and his situation by doing all he can to make sure everything is considered – but instead he accepts the situation as being hopeless which causes him to overlook the door wasn’t even locked.

One can imagine that the guards didn’t even find it necessary to lock the door anymore as Hadoc had become a completely subservient prisoner who would actually be his own worst enemy by weakening himself through alcohol – not needing any external force anymore to keep him controlled, as he was doing that already all by himself.
So, this is also where humanity accept their reality the way it is because apparently ‘the door is locked’ as an excuse – as they didn’t push themselves all the way to find out how they can change their situation.

If we transpose this behavioral pattern into the world stage – it becomes clear that the same mechanisms are at work when it comes to world politics, economy and making decisions that are best for all. A clear example of this is the Equal Money System – where all possible excuses are used as to why such a change of society would not be possible. Because just as Hadoc perceived himself as being trapped in his ship – humanity has allowed itself to be trapped within a socio-economic system, where the majority of human beings are not properly supported, as more than half of humanity is living on less than 1 dollar a day and every day one billion go to sleep with an empty stomach. Yet the cause of all inequality in the world – is the money system – which is a human creation!

Obviously such a situation is unacceptable - and the facts about inequality are known by world learders.

Yet is any serious solution coming forth?

Just like Hadoc is unwilling to unconditionally assess his reality, humanity is unwilling to consider everything that is here. Because if that were done, responsibility would have to be taken by all to change the system and create a better way for all. Such a better way is the Equal Money System: a new socio-economic system based on the principles of Equality, self-responsibility and respect for all Life. Thus by presenting the Equal Money System to the world – we are taking away humanity’s excuse and showing how this can actually be done.

Did you know that it is possible to change your world?

Did you know this is mostly just a matter of changing the monetary system as per agreement by all ?

Investigate how money is currently being created – as you were not told the whole story.

Join us if you are ready...

Gabriël Zamora Moreno

Friday, November 25, 2011

How the Agreement supported my Physical Changes

When I met Manuela I was physically in bad shape because of the place I had given food in my life. I would not be willing to give food much attention nor was I willing to take interest in how I could better support myself with food. I was focusing on how I could ‘save time’ through not giving attention to food – which revealed to be a point where I actually don’t give attention to myself and where I neglect myself.

I had in my previous years been busy with food – yes – though not to the extent where I would be taking responsibility for the point of food in my life as such. The results were that I had throughout the last year accumulated a lot of pimples on my back and I was feeling bad physically a lot of the time, I would also feel weak often as I would walk home from work, which is actually a sign of malnourishment, and I had accumulated a yellowish glaze in my eyes the last year, which seemed to indicate liver-problems.

I had done some attempts to improve my diet though I never pulled them through, because I was not getting the immediate results I was looking for, and thus I would give up and sink back to old patterns.

When I started the agreement with Manuela – we agreed that I needed to change the way I eat.

Since we both share an uncommon blood group type, she was well placed to give me specific support and suggestions regarding what foods would most likely support me and which I should better avoid for a while.

This was cool in a way because Manuela had throughout the years accumulated a lot of experience around food that was specifically related to her own physical body – which is where the blood group becomes relevant, because a lot of the symptoms of physical discomfort I was describing to her she could easily relate to and she would say she had gone through exactly the same.

This is where I started trusting what she had to say and I went with her suggestions. I very quickly turned over my entire diet and started eating things I had never before eaten in my life, and some of the foods I had never heard of.
This whole point we did together where we would go buy the food together and also cook the food together – so that the whole process was placed in the picture.

It became clear very soon that this was a right path to take as the physical feedback we were getting was very specific. The pimples on my back started disappearing very fast, I would feel much better physically, I would feel lighter in my walk and also the yellowish glaze in my eyes completely cleared up after a couple of weeks already. I also have an easier time shitting now etc.

So, this made me realize that food in our society is definitely not a given and one really need support and education in how to nurture oneself in an effective manner. In this case I realize that I would not have been able to get out of this by myself and that without another person assisting me and pushing me with this point my health might have gotten really bad in a matter of years.

I am now walking the point of standing as an equal to Manuela in the point of food so that I can more and more take full responsibility for this by myself.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Backchat Story

Yesterday after I had cooked myself a meal - I sat myself down in the couch to eat comfortably.

Yet – it was warm outside and when it's warm like that I leave the front door open – and I knew many of the neighbors were sitting outside chatting - I could hear them talking.

("Being perception" - drawing by Marlen Vargas Del Razo)

So, even though I had some resistance I saw it was really stupid to eat here alone ‘hidden away’ in the house and I decided to get up and join my neighbors outside.

I said hello and joined two people who were sitting there, I took a seat on a chair that was placed outside – which many here in the street have outside all the time, and placed my plate with baked potatoes with mayonnaise on my lap.

So – there was my neighbor sitting there and another guy who will soon move in the street apparently – and who is from Finland – so, we talked about the language point a bit and then he asked if I don’t speak Finnish, because that would be so cool to have someone who speaks Finnish. So, here my backchat was ‘ok, why would I speak Finnish’ – as the question seemed a bit ambiguous.

Then we started talking about my food – like ‘what are you eating’, and I said it’s baked potatoes – after which my neighbor asked if I’m a cook (which I found a funny question) or if I just cook randomly, so I explained that recently I actually started putting some effort in the food I prepare (like today I made onions with tomatoes and merguez and little potatoes, though the potatoes were ready last) – whereas before I would simply buy stuff from the fridge etc. in the store that never involves any real cooking. I also explained that I was feeling physically better since I started doing that and the Finish guy said: ‘Yes, that stuff from the fridge is not good.’

Then an interesting thing happened, the Finnish guy asked if he could have one potatoe – to which I had a reaction. Because the thoughts that came up were: ‘but I have only two potatoes left for myself’, and ‘how dare you’ and ‘It’s just enough for myself’ – but I simply held my plate in his direction and he took a small potatoe of my plate.

I wasn’t all clear on what this reaction signified, but I saw it would be really nonsensical and sabotage to refuse – lol, and there was probably some peer-pressure at play as well. Though because this reaction kept sitting in me and I started experiencing a slight resistance to sit with this person - I didn’t stay much longer after my plate was empty and I went back in the house.

Now this unfolding of action-reaction is quite easy to pinpoint afterwards – and a solution could have been to breathe and deliberately engage the person to move through the ‘resistance-energy’. But instead I accepted the reaction as ‘real’, even up to the belief where I afterwards stated in my back-chat: “see – this is what happens when you engage with these people – immediate consequence!”

When I shared this point with Manuela later the evening – and I shared the question that I had asked myself: “so what is there to be realized” within this, and I shared my backchat around it – that maybe I should have ‘stood up’ – Manuela made it very clear that the reaction was based in ego and indeed a form of sabotage.
So, it was cool to see how easily a mindfuck is created.

And the point where it starts is very simple: is ‘believing’ a thought, ‘believing the backchat’ – because self try to make sense out of a moment through the mind – using backchat – instead of breathing here and standing equal as the moment here. So, thinking or backchat is then simply a form of attempted control – because the realty of the moment is simply here to be seen, explored, participated in – yet as soon as you follow the white rabbit of thought you clearly end up in a delusional reality.

So, join us at Desteni – where we support ourselves and each other to stop our delusions and dysfunctional behavior and start participating with each other as equals here in the physical.

Gabriël Zamora Moreno

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Neither optimsim nor pessimism changes the reality we live by

Optimism is often placed in a polarity with either pessimism or cynicism, which are being described as those who actually proclaim that nothing can be done and the situation/reality is fucked and therefore there is really no point in doing anything.

So, the choices the system is giving you is either to be delusional as an optimist or to ‘give up on reality’ as a pessimist.

Because if one look at the word ‘optimism’ – it is tacitly implying that perception will be manipulated so that one do not actually deal with reality.

So, neither of both are actually willing to look at reality – because a pessimist will merely use knowledge to justify his position of self-defeat.

In constrast to optimism and pessimism stands self-honesty.

Self-honesty is the willingness to unconditionally investigate self and reality as self to find out what really exists and to go as deep as necessary in order to understand the extent of the problem.

Because, in self-honesty – what can we see about ourselves and this world?

We can see that this reality is a hell for the majority of beings that exist here, humans and animals alike. That is not a pessimist statement – it is a matter of numbers. More than half of the 7 billion human beings that live on this earth, exist in poverty. Did you know that? Animals are even worse of than humans, as they are mostly abused as either food or slaves.

Would you like to be in the shoes of the chicken who is caged and cannot even spread it’s wings and who merely serve as an egg factory, to end up being brutally killed and eaten? No, you wouldn’t.

So, then why is it allowed by all of humanity collectively?

Remember that you receive equal to what you give.

So, in self-honesty – what is the solution?

The solution is self-responsibility – to realize every single one are equally responsible for this and to within that investigate how self has given permission for this atrocity to exist.

Because that is the message no one wants to hear - that has nothing to do with pessimism. It has to do with basic common sense and finally stopping al excuses.

Are you ready for this?

Optimists and pessimists of this world…

The tools with which to approach this are self-forgiveness, writing and breathing.

With written self-forgiveness you face yourself and what you’ve become – deprogramming your accepted and allowed patterns of self-interest and greed – and with breathing you’ll make sure you do not walk the same patterns again and birth yourself as a real Physical being that is able to do what is best for all.

Join us at Desteni – together we’ll create a better world.


Monday, September 5, 2011

The Shortest Route

I was walking the streets with Manuela – and she crossed the street at one point to ask someone for directions. I was waiting on the other side of the street until she’d be finished – and in my mind I was thinking about making signs to her to ‘communicate’ the question: ‘should I cross the street or are you gonna cross the street back again’ ?

Though in that moment I saw how hopelessly complicated this was and looked around me and saw I was in that moment able to cross the street – and so I simply did and the ‘problem’ was solved. Later she said she had been surprised by me crossing the street because it was an unusual thing to do, which I had also experienced.

We afterwards talked about this because it was a cool example of how in self-presence the simple solution will emerge – the shortest possible route, and how this can be applied in many other situations.

Thus the solution is always: breath – be here – present in the physical – then you don’t need to ‘think’.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Scared of Equality ?

In one night 5 desteni accounts – 4 of which were the main accounts - have been ‘terminated’ by youtube. These accounts altogether comprised more than 3000 video’s that were online and that were uploaded day by day since 2007.

Art by Andrew Gable

When we inquired as to why this action was taken by Youtube – they literally said they would not give a reason, so it smells like a ‘political’ decision.

So – let’s investigate what desteni promotes

- Self-forgiveness
- Self-honesty
- Self-responsibility
- Education
- Human rights
- The end of all war and abuse
- Equal Money

So, we are the most peaceful group imaginable – and specifically speaking out against violence in revolutions and suggesting the political route be taken to change the world in a democratic way, through peaceful means – where we stress that education is the key to change this reality into a place that is best for all.

People who see desteni often react upon seeing one video without having any context – so, yes desteni is not Mc Donalds or MTV – you have to actually do a bit of homework.

Yet – it is clear that what has been shared is perceived by some as threatening to their reality.

Which is quite fascinating,considering the message, which is: equality.

If I were you I would definately investigate a website that is causing so much disturbance – lol.


Gabriël Zamora Moreno

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Examples of Self-forgiveness

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to look a certain way – to have certain traits and define myself according to those traits because I think those traits give me authority and make me seem knowledgeable and intelligent

I forgive myself that I have accepted an allowed myself to define being knowledgeable and intelligent according to certain facial traits – which exist as pictures in my mind from movies such as with Robert Deniro, Bruce Willis, Steven Seagal and Clint Eastwood

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to train myself to with my face always present a picture of authority/superiority and intelligence – a face that would scare others in not trying to mess with me because I would make a fool out of them

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to abuse my face to present a complete act based on survival and what I think I must project in order for me to be successful and make it in the system

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Self-re-education is the Key to a Great life

I was looking this evening at writing an aticle – though I decided I would first speak it on recording and then place it in writing, so here is the recording as well as the transcript:

“I would like to give a perspective on Desteni I Process in relation to self-education. So, an interesting way to look at desteni I process is from the perspective of self-Re-education, where you take directive principle by actually re-educating yourself.

Now that is quite a fascinating concept because when you look at it from the perspective of ‘who has created you’/’who has shaped the person you are today’, is those who have raised you. So, who you are is not the result of your own directive principle but the result of outside influences and outside factors that have created who you are. That would be your caretakers/parents extensively, television if it was in your life – extensively-, and school – probably extensively… So you have really been…. You really, really are a product of a factory from that perspective because you have really been fabricated and who you are today is a result of that process of shaping and forming who you are.

So, from that perspective the only way to take directive principle and to say “ok - now I am going to decide who I am”, is inevitably a process of re-education because the way you have been created was a process of gradual education – education has made you who you are, therefore to reverse that, you have to re-educate yourself. Which in the first place means that you have to be able to identify all the points that have create you, so you have to be able to become fluent in identifying patterns, behavioral constructs, personalities, addictions. And these are exactly all the points that are taken on in Desteni I Process, to be able to disengage those and stop existing as that which you have become as a product of the education of your environment and the impulses of your environment. So you can then decide ok I am ‘this’ – I don’t wanna be this – and I rather be this. And then you re-script yourself and you re-create yourself and you can make a statement of what you want to live…

Now that is quite revolutionary and to my knowledge there is not many that he been able to do it successfully – so, at Desteni we are doing it successfully; and that is what I wanted to shed some light on… I can certainly attest to it that it has been extremely worthwhile for me, and obviously I know many who are walking the same process.

So, it’s quite amazing what one is able to do… what one is able to stop is also a point in itself. It’s really amazing if you start applying the solutions and tools from the Desteni I Process – because that is something quite fascinating in itself is… the extent to which you take yourself for granted. Now, that will definitely be challenged in the Desteni I Process because I mean literally every single point of who you are/what you think yourself to be will be challenged and… basically you have to take on a stance of sef-responsibilty towards every single point that you are because as long as you don’t do that you are still the result of the creation of the past, of the programming of your environment.

Now, the fact that you were brought up by an environment is not a ‘problem’ as such – the problem lies in the fact that the systems of education that exist currently in the world are seldom to your benefit, are seldom beneficial and - it’s sad to say – make you an ineffective being, a being that is not effective at living fully, at a full potential, to live an effective life in self-satisfaction and… to really lead an existence that is worthwhile. The education systems that we have don’t support that unfortunately. That is why I would say one should consider re-education.

So, that was my perspective on that – thanks.”

Gabriël Zamora Moreno

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Legion - Moviereview !

Anyone familiar with the History of Desteni should be able to appreciate this movie !

Angels are not what humanity expected them to be… quite nasty

And God does not hesitate to order the exectution of children…


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Mentalist

Here I will explain why the Mentalist is a cool series to watch and what I particularly enjoy about it.

I like the character of Patrick Jane because in a way he doesn’t really have any friends – which enables him to challenge any person in his world and expose them, question them. Obviously this makes him ‘disliked’ by his surroundings and many people see him as a ‘jerk’ – yet this does not influence or bother him (he actually even enjoys it when people react to what he says or does, as he enjoys to push people’s buttons)

Obviously there is some ego in the character as well when it comes to him seeing himself as ‘the smartest’ – though he will often use arrogance deliberately as well to make a person react and within that have them reveal something, expose themselves.

One case in point was when he asked a person who’s college had died, if he had killed his own college. This he will do very often, because within such a simple straight forward question, people will reveal themselves through the way they ‘handle’ such a question. In this case Patrick Jane went a step further – because he really wanted to make sure he would touch the person to their core and get real feedback – by looking him straight in the eyes and asking: so how did it feel like to smash his skull with a bat? This made the person explode with anger and reveal ‘who they are’ - to which Patrick Jane simply commented that he had anger issues even though he was ‘innocent’.

So in general Patrick Jane’s character does not have much respect for human beings and will mostly expect them to be lying and deceitful – as this is his continuous experience of people.

So, there is a valid message in the Mentalist – which is that human beings can’t be trusted due to them having a ‘secret mind’. The ‘secret mind’ is that which one indulge in as the thoughts one have which one believe no one knows about – the inner nastiness of a being.

A point that is well developed in relation to this is the point of physical behavior: merely by observing people’s physical behavior will the ‘mentalist’ be able to tell if they are lying to him - by observing their facial expression and body gestures as he speaks to them. Interestingly people will often mistake him for a ‘psychic’ (someone who can read people’s minds) because they are unaware of the extent to which they actually expose and reveal themselves (that which they thought they were able to keep hidden) through their physical (unconscious) behavior.

So, the point being demonstrated is that even though one can try and hide – the physical never lies.

Thus, to conclude – the mentalist is good material for anyone interested in critical self-analysis – which one could simply call self-honesty – and perhaps one can use this series as a mirror for oneself and ask the question: who am I ?

Gabriël Zamora Moreno

Friday, June 10, 2011

Writing yourself to Freedom

I’d like to share what my experience has been with writing and how ‘writing myself to freedom’ assisted me in getting to know myself.

So, first off when I started the process of self-forgiveness ad self-honesty – the initial step was most of all a process of ‘stopping’ – where I stopped speaking and writing my thoughts and had to find a way to direct myself in and as breath – to instead of thinking, be here with every breath. Then the point of ‘writing yourself to freedom’ was introduced – which was very exciting because now I could start really ‘digging’ into myself and write out many suppressed experiences I had had during my life – which were still influencing and controlling me.

This process of writing was quite intense because in the beginning I had this experience where I ‘couldn’t remember’ much of my childhood – and the writing actually assisted me in ‘breaking through’ my own veil of ‘forgetfulness’ and open myself up to myself – meaning: to how I had actually experienced myself in those moments that had a major influence over ‘who I had become’ as a person – though which I had never before in my life written about or even looked at.

So – I can definitely say that through writing I discovered all he forgotten parts of myself – I actually experienced it like that – like an inner journey, and it was the most liberating experience I had had in my life as well, because as I would write I would also ‘release’ the suppressed emotions/memories that were controlling me. And I found gratefulness towards myself within doing that, because I realized through writing out these events and releasing the emotions – that I was actually not those emotions – and I became ‘lighter’. I realized: I am Here.

Whenever the point would not be clear after the writing I would do additional self-forgiveness until I felt I was ‘empty’ – until there was no more inner tension.

Eventually I would only write self-forgiveness and skip the ‘writing the past’ part because more and more the points would be ‘here’ accessible for me and thus I could simply write self-forgiveness and let go of the point much quicker.

So, that is how I found writing has assisted me in ‘opening up’ – because I was keeping myself under the spell from the past through ‘forgetfulness’ – therefore through writing and self-forgiveness I took self-responsibility and could ‘break myself down’ and change myself for real.

I will only share parts of ‘what it meant to me’ - and obviously one have to see for oneself - as I am not interested in convincing anyone: the proof is in the pudding.

So, you can find the writings of which I speak on this very blog – and you’ll find other people’s writings in the blogs that are listed by author to the right of this page – which also inspired and supported me in my own application.

Gabriël Zamora Moreno

*** For anyone interested in getting training in how to ‘live life to the fullest’, using tools such as writing yourself to freedom, combined with an income opportunity – check out: ***

Monday, May 23, 2011

Thinking is the root of all Evil

The reason why this world is such a mess and why so much abuse exists is because human beings listen to the THOUGTS IN THEIR HEAD.

If you really look at it, everyone pretty much already agrees on what is ‘good’ and everyone already pretty much understands what would support everyone in this world. Everyone sees and understands that poverty and starvation and slavery should better not exist – because no one wishes to be in that position.

Everyone already pretty much understands and agrees to the words ‘do unto another as you would like to receive’ – as this is such undeniable common sense.

So, then why is humanity not standing together and acting as one group in full understanding and creating a solution for the mess of this world – but instead exist in conflict and division and fight each other in fear of each other?

What if everyone would ‘act’ upon the words ‘do unto another as you would like to receive’?

This world would be sorted out in no time and heaven on earth would actually exist.

Simply look at it – this is undeniable.

This is so simple that it become obvious why this is not being lived/honored – is because when it really comes to it – people will not listen to common sense – but will listen to the thoughts in their minds: the little voice that tells you you should consider yourself first and screw everyone else.

It is time to acknowledge that thinking is the root of all evil.

Write down your thoughts in a diary for one day if you don’t believe me.

Artwork Original Artist Andrew Gable

This is why it has been suggested that to change this world – man has to stop it’s addiction to the mind and to thinking – to become self-directive in breath and stop allowing thoughts to dictate one’s behavior and direction in the world.

There is a practical way to stop this that can be applied by everyone – and I suggest the most effective way to do it is through the ‘Desteni I Process’.

One will be assisted by others who have walked their own process of self-perfection – and receive a level of support that is no-where else to be found in his world – I mean: it really does not exist.

Do I promote ‘Desteni I Process’ ? – Obviously, but only because I know it works for me and because if I can do it then anyone can do it. What I am able to say is that you will be surprised the moment you realize: ‘Damn, I am actually able to stop this experience, (fear, anxiety, anger, depression, any experience really) – who I am is actually not this stupid voice in my head and I am able to move myself and direct myself as an act of self-will not limited by fear or reaction to or towards something or someone – ACTUAL freedom.’

That is when you can start acting in ways that you’ve never done before and can start creating a better world…

Gabriël Zamora Moreno

Saturday, May 7, 2011

You weren't taught how to read

Today I participated in a speedreading course – which is something I had been looking at doing since a while because I figured it would assist me with processing more information faster, so that I can move faster in my studies and also be more effective in general.

We were only 8 people participating as it was a private seminar – and the lady who organized this event had applied these techniques for herself and it seemed also everyone else in her family, so she could speak from her own experience and explain the points very simplistically.

As the seminar started a first point that surprised me is when she started explaining that the way we are being taught to read is actually not effective – as (in her terminology) the brain is able to process information a lot faster than the speed with which we read – so our reading speed is actually too slow for the brain – so the brain actually 'gets bored' and 'distrated' - which means we are not using the physical effectively.

She also made very clear that everyone is able to learn this and that it is merely a matter of practice – hence: of consistency and self-discipline.

The seminar was just this one morning and the lady said there is no reason to prolong the course as the ‘technique’ in itself is utterly simplistic and one merely need to practice by oneself to really become effective at it.

All one need to do ‘in essence’ is force oneself to read faster step by step – which is a physical training process and re-programming of the physical – so that the ‘reading-speed’ can be ‘up to speed’ with our physical ‘understanding speed’ – fascinating: will definitely test this and give feedback on results.

What I found most fascinating is how this is actually very well-known and widely used by business people and politicians – where it is called ‘smart reading’ – so why is this not being thought in all classrooms? This shows again that the education system does not care about really teaching children how to live and merely gives them useless knowledge and on top of that fucks up their reading capacity so they are screwed for the rest of their life.

Would you send your child to such a school ???

I am one vote for EQUAL EDUATION FOR ALL and the END of ALL ELITISM!

Monday, April 11, 2011

How to Fuck yourself up

So, it took me three years of application in this process to now start to become aware of a pattern that I was existing as – which is the point of holding back in communication and waiting for others to direct communication. What I mean by this is that I would for instance have something that I would like to ask someone – though instead of asking my question start projecting how the other being may possibly react to my question, and within that judge my question as not smart to ask or as really stupid – while I haven’t even asked anything yet and while the other being doesn’t even know that I would like to ask a question and thus has no opportunity to give any real feedback – this is called a mind-fuck.

These things happen so subtly if one is able to be here in breath – meaning: being here aware of every breath – to notice what is actually going on inside oneself in terms of the thoughts one create. It’s interesting that the word ‘back-chat’ has come up recently and is now being used in many interviews and discussions – because this word is used to denote that action where one talk in one’s mind hidden from the world and from others – like a constant form of gossip: back-chat. Also ‘back-chat’ sounds like ‘back-stage’ – where the mind is the hidden ‘back-stage’ of thoughts that one use to manipulate and prepare a certain presentation that is then brought in the ‘front-stage’. If there were no manipulation there would be no need for a curtain – and self would be open and vulnerable at all times. So – this is what open communication amounts to – to have no curtain behind which one try and prepare/manipulate in fear what it is you will be presenting to another – but simply speak direct: that will save you many mind-fucks and it will save you much time as well.

And see: the word mind-fuck is also specific – because when you speak direct, your communication is actually physical – not mental: in the mind there is actually no communication – only make-belief and self-brainwashing. Very dangerous indeed.

Therefore, whenever such a point comes up, you have only one choice: speak or die!

Btw - If you are interested in learning the tools of how to become specific in assisting yourself and in changing yourself – so that you may have more FUN in life – I have one simple suggestion: join the Desteni I Process!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Money is Time

Here I want to expound on a previous vlog where I had slightly touched upon how the experience of writers will be like in an equal money system in which everyone is provided with a basic income (equal money system).

Writers in an Equal Money System !

So – today I want to look at my experience of writing in relation to ‘time’ – this was many years ago when I had taken on the project to write a novel. When studying art (at Sint Lukas in Brussels) I often read about how artists would have this amazing ‘life-style’ wherein they were able to be at an optimum level of productivity. For instance I would read about how artists would literally ‘work’ all day on their art-work – as if that was the only thing that mattered in the world…

So – this is a ‘urge’ that exists in many artists: to be able to be productive beyond measure… There exists like a point of perfection within that.

In my case, I experienced such moments when I had my holydays in between the school years: because I could afford to not work – and one time I was allowed to be ‘alone at home’ with my two sisters only, while my parents were on their holiday in Spain. So, these were quite unique conditions from the perspective of the ‘space and support’ I was given to be able to literally do what I wanted. I choose to spend all my time writing. I sat hours and hours in front of a pc – writing the story – and I had given myself a deadline and a number of pages that would have had to be completed by the end of the summer, so I was writing against the clock as well and preferably I would write at least one whole page a day (that may not seem like much, but I was a real perfectionist), which was an amazing experience at the end of the day – to really be satisfied with my labor.

I never experienced this point again later on. Though one thing was certain: I wanted to be able to work like this, with such freedom, for the rest of my life…

This is why I support an Equal Money System, because at the moment the majority of human beings are not even able to consider that such support would be possible – if only we agreed to a system based on equality and respect for life, in which everyone is considered and valued.

Because if you really look at it, what made my experience possible is money an money only... Money is currently the problem in this world because of the disfunctional belief that life is worthless and therefore human beings should suffer and struggle their whole lif to survive in a system that values money over life... Would YOU like this current system to continue into eternity? Did you know that every signle day 20.000 children die from sarvation while there is actualy more than enough resources and capacity to feed and support everyone?

If could all coëxist together and stop all this harm and abuse - wouldn't you like to know about that ???

A real life support system is possible – investigate how…

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Power of Writing

In the plane I was reading a newspaper article about a woman and how she is using writing to ‘discover’ herself… So – I would like to give some practical pointers to everyone who would like to ‘discover themselves’ through writing.

A first thing to consider is that you do not want to write down your thoughts – as in: whatever pops up in your head and that you ‘feel you should express’. Now, many will find that to be impossible, because: “How else do I express myself other than with and through thoughts!” The suggestion here is to then start with writing self-forgiveness, which is an easy tool/application to use and when one do it effectively – the experience is quite liberating…

This is done as follows: “I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think and believe that I can only express myself in and through thoughts”/ “I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think and believe that I am my thoughts and that without thoughts I cannot exist.”/ “I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself in and through the act of thinking” / “I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to speak to myself in and as my mind as thoughts believing that I am actually communicating”…

What you will experience initially is a release as you write out your self-forgiveness and at the same time also like an inner pressure/discomfort – this indicates that you need to ‘push further’ and ‘go deeper’ with your self-forgiveness until you find the point/belief that is limiting you/holding you back. What I also suggest is to – especially initially – to speak the written self-forgiveness out loud as well because that will assist you with really ‘clearing’ yourself ‘sound-wise’ (because you are literally speaking the words out loud and in your ‘sound’ you will be able to hear whether you are clear or if further self-forgiveness is required).

So – to all those who are now thinking: what the fuck does self-forgiveness have to do with expressing myself/discovering myself through writing? Though, trust me on this one: if you are serious about it you will have ‘results guaranteed’, as I myself have been applying this for many years now. However – what you will note within the application of SF is that you actually need to be self-honest about what you forgive yourself for. Because if it’s not done unconditionally, as a realization of self, you will only mind-fuck yourself.

So – if you are interested in finding out what self-expression really means – I suggest give self-forgiveness a shot FOR ONE WEEK – and join me in walking this process of realizing who we really are as life – if you dare…

For further back-ground on self-forgiveness and self-honesty:
Desteni I process:


Friday, March 11, 2011

Do you know what the COOLEST thing is ???

Is to be able to BEATHE and STOP and realize that whatever you experience in your mind as thoughts, feelins and emotions is NOT REAL - as you just stopped it in one BREATH !

Let's Breathe and Walk together...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Informant (Movie review)

Yesterday evening I finished watching the movie ‘the informant’ and I found the ending quite interesting. Basically the story is about a person working in a high level position in a company that starts to ‘tell stories’ to extort his environment/colleges, which brings him into contact with the FBI and makes him secretly work for the government as an informant. What is not clear in the beginning is that this person is actually having a pathological ‘lying problem’ – he basically lies to everyone all the time to get what he wants. So – what is fascinating is that by the end of the movie his life is completely destroyed because no one will be willing to ‘be on his side’ anymore – as they found he cannot be trusted because every time there is information he is deliberately not revealing or hiding which makes it impossible for any party to take on his ‘defense’.

So, at one point near the end of the movie you have one of the FBI agents with who he had been working closely for about 2,5 years in exposing corporate secrets – who came to his house and for the last time listens to one of his stories and says: ‘you really need to stop lying.’ What is interesting in the movie is that in that particular scene you as an audience can ‘hear the thoughts’ of the main character. So, what reveals is that when someone says something to him or asks him a question – he will speak to himself in his head first – which sounds like an automatic voice he has no control over – and then he wil word for word repeat that chatter of his mind out loud in the conversation. The interesting point is he does not seem to identify the ‘problem’ of listening to his thoughts as the actual reason for his lying – and still seems to hope he will ‘get through’ and ‘win’ in the end of the day, which is shown by the fact that he will immediately without question repeat the words spoken in his mind that sound like a broken record.

So – this is an interesting perspective on how the enslavement to the mind works – where the ‘problem’ is clearly identified yet simply ends with the ‘tragedy’ of the person being ‘unable to stop’ while no solution is given… The fascinating implication is that the character is portrayed as being ‘pathological’ because of the way he listens to his mind, yet what is not realized or what is taken for granted is how actually everyone who participates in their mind through any act of thinking – is actually ‘doing the same thing’ eg lying to themselves. So, this is an interesting point to study and ‘slow down’ within oneself: through being aware of one’s breath and focusing on one’s physical presence rather than on a point in the mind, one can notice how thoughts will actually pop up automatically in one’s head. So, this should make it very clear that ‘thoughts’ are indeed a form of self-allowed mind control – if one believe one’s thoughts as ‘real’ and ‘valid’.

Is it not strange that we will ‘listen to’ and ‘believe’ a separate voice in our head that speaks automatically. Is that not mentally unstable to say the least? Many will argue here "but it is not a ‘separate voice’ it is actually ‘me speaking’ in my head." Though if that were so – then one should be able to stop thinking by will in any given moment. And if you cannot ‘stop’ then you know you have a problem.

What the movie also clearly shows is that in the moment of listening to his thoughts, ‘Mark’ the main character, is not trusting himself in common sense and what would now be practical for him to consider, but trusting the voice in his head instead, regardless of the consequences. So, from that perspective this is also exposing the point humanity is facing regarding self-trust – because a strongly held believe is that ‘without thoughts one is unable to make reality-based considerations’ – yet that is not true – because one is able to directly ‘see’ what is ‘here’ as this physical reality without having thoughts about it and act based on that direct seeing. This has nothing to do with a spiritual guidance or higher understanding but simply the practical common sense that exist within every being. A baby is able to interact with his environment without having thoughts about it; Animals interact with their environment without having any thoughts about it. Awareness is not equal to thinking. Is everything in reverse?

So, check out the forum at Desteni where many examples are given on how to stop these patterns through self-forgiveness and writing in self-honesty... as I and many others have found that to be the only effective way to expose and stop the secret mind and learn what is means to see direct and actually express yourself.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Equality considerations

So, at the moment you have laws that make sure that when someone has gone through the great effort of accumulating a share of what is here for their own benefit to the point that they are placing others in a position of disadvantage and poverty – that what they accumulated at the expense of others remains ‘protected’ and that the effort that is put into that accumulation is ‘conserved’. It’s interesting how the wealthy of this world are by many regarded as icons of ‘success’ and of ‘victory in life’, while what they’re actually doing is depraving others from equal access to the resources they require to support themselves effectively in this world. How can stealing from others what they have an equal right to ever be a ‘success’ or a point of ‘victory’? Why do we call a rapist a criminal while someone who causes thousands to suffer is revered as an example of success and excellence?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

After Exams

Yesterday I had my last exam – so I would like to write about my experience within studying thus far.

Obviously with my full time job I have to study after work – though the last three days I’ve been rearranging my pattern to be able to do more: I would sleep after work, wake up at around 00:00 and then study the whole night until I have to go to work – this allowed me get through the amount of pages I had set out to do within those three days – with the result that I was ‘finished’ in the morning at 08:00 while my exam was only at 11:30.

So that gave me a perspective on what I am actually able to do – where previously I had not been able to do this much within such a short period of time.
I must say I did experience tiredness at work at some stages (and almost fell asleep at my desk) – though this is cool to test how far I can push these points (and also i didn't have a choice really).

I looked if I can make this a routine throughout the whole year, or simply a more regular routine – because then I would be able to study A LOT. What I had done previously a couple of times is sleep 3-4 hours in the evening and then try and sleep one more hour or so before going to work – though that never worked as planned and the result was I would be a wreck the next day at work. So – it’s important to have a consistent sleeping pattern – because I clearly noticed the difference with how I arranged my sleeping pattern these last days: I enjoyed to be able to have so much ‘time’ that is suddenly available when waking up at 00:00 – which is almost like a whole ‘day’ (in terms of working hours – because at a job one typically work 8 hours a day) that I can spend ‘before my day even started’ so to speak; and this allows me to be ‘clear and fresh for study’ because law books require more focus than my job in a way, and also it’s easier to push through tiredness at work where there is more physical movement and interaction – than sitting on a chair reading a book, where the tendency is to fall asleep when it gets late – so that was another reason why I could see it would be better to ‘reverse’ my day.

However I’m not gonna overstretch this application right now – because it was exhausting after a few days and obviously there are some impracticalities within ‘living at night’ as well. So – now obviously I will rest – though I can see how this pattern can be useful again in the future. So – I can for instance plan myself a week like this where I decide I want to ‘move faster’ within studies, and then check if my physical body can handle it.

Right after the exam I spoke to a person to decide how I will arrange the next semester – so now I have that sorted out as well.

So – overall I found this quite challenging because of the extent to which I pushed myself – and I was really glad when the professor confirmed immediately that I had passed the exam.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Feeding the Birds

So - it was interesting as I walked from the laundry a couple of days ago and saw someone had left bread crums on the sidewalk for the pigeons. So, there were loads of birds scrambling for the crums and there were more pigeons comming. It was obvious though there was not going to be enough for all of them...

Looking at this I found this quite cruel - because here you have someone who left 'food for the birds' but without considering the harm being done by letting the birds fight and scramble amongst themselves for the food - basially forcing the birds to compete against eachother and fighting eachother.

The person probably thought they are 'helping the birds' - but if you look at it from the pespective of the birds - they would probably enjoy it more if there was actually enough for everyone so they didn't have to fight. Lol - if I was a bird that's what I would like because then we can stop fearing each other and eat comfortably without worrying there will not be enough.

So - next time anyone go feed the birds, make sure you bring enough !

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Deprogramming self

So today I had a cool experience where I was tested in my application – because there’s two colleges of mine that are absent so I receive all the incoming phone calls to handle now, half of which is from people that are calling the wrong number so we have to redirect them all the time to the right number as we really cannot help them with their problem.

So I was busy at my desk, breathing and taking one action at a time, when I received a phone call from a person that was calling the wrong number and who it seems I already directed that same day towards the other service. This lady said she had called the other number but she’d had to wait too long and that did not seem normal to her, so she called me back to tell me she did exactly what I told her and still she was not being helped. So I explained again that I am completely unable to assist her and that she really needs to call the other service because I have strictly nothing to do with their service line - so what was fascinating is that instead of hearing me she wants to argue and ‘have a point’ – so I explained to her why she had to wait this long, is because the agents are having many other people on the line at that moment and one simply need to call back a later stage – yet instead of hearing me she starts arguing again about how ‘abnormal’ that is and that she is not being helped, and she’s doing an effort to call us and then she can’t even reach us.

So at that point a friction came up within me where I wanted to say: “look, what do you want me to do?” Which would obviously have started a game of wanting to be right and feeding the conflict. So, instead I took a breath and said: “look, you have to call on the other number later, that is really the only solution.” I also gave her another variation of the same number, which was in essence still the same number and then she stopped trying to convince me and she went off to try again an she did't call me back that day.

So, cool how breath assisted me in not going into an ego energy of ‘power’ which would have created a connflict – but instead was able to act effectively to sort out the problem, and within directing myself and not allowing myself to follow the preprogrammed reaction I was able to direct this woman.

Monday, January 3, 2011

First relationship

I'm sharing here a piece I wrote as part of preparation for a mindconstruct on relationships in the context of my SRA training.

"So when I was 14 I had a 'relationship' for a week (or less) with a girl.

What was specific about this relationship is that I really did not enjoy the experience of being with her: which I experienced as having to play a role and please her and actually being a toy in a way. I ‘liked’ that she was ’pleasing’ as she was apparently ‘in love’ with me – though I was in conflict with myself because I did not enjoy kissing her. Actually the kissing was the most central point within the relationship (I was not interested in any way whatsoever in who she was) and the belief that I had to kiss as good as possible and fear of disappointing her.

The kissing I experienced as an energetic drain, to which I seemed addicted at the same time because regardless of my actual experience i believed I should at some point get to the point of intensity and ‘passion’ – which never happened. So, after a couple of days I had an experience of disgust towards her and simply wanted to get out of the relationship, because it felt as if I was going to die I if I stayed with her.

How the relationship started is she was hanging around with us more and more and at one time after the others left she asked me if she could receive a kiss from me, which I did, but did not even open my mouth – so she said bluntly: “You have to open your mouth” – to me there was an experience of energy because of ‘what we were doing’ (because of my relationship definitions – “I am now in a relationship, I have a girlfriend!”); yet at the same time I did not specifically enjoy the physical kissing in itself.

With regards to her physical appearance I started experiencing her as extremely ugly the longer I stayed with her. She did not at all fit within the picture in my mind of a ‘beautiful girl’. It seems I only agreed to be with her out of a point of curiosity and because I believed I could not decline ‘a girls offer’ (when she asked me to kiss her – together with the point of curiosity and the belief that I should seize my opportunity of being able to kiss a girl).

So, at one point I started to feel trapped with her – because I did not actually want to be in a relationship with her. I knew I was lying to her ad merely presenting myself a certain way to be able ‘explore sexuality’ though I was not interested in any commitments and I blocked out the moments where she started talking about ‘later’ and if an how we would be seeing each other, were I already decided that will never happen – mostly because within the relationship I was putting up a veil that I did not want her to see through – I did not want her to know me – the ‘actual me’ from the perspective of who I was in my world – and so that I could remain in control and decide the outcome.

Another point is where she pushed the point of sex once – where I said that was not safe to do that (which made sense considering where we were) – yet that was mostly an excuse based on fear that was convenient for me – because I did not want to have sex with her in general, mostly because of shame towards my physicality and my penis in particular that was extensive back then – which would then be fear of disappointing her as well and mostly fear that she would judge me."

So – that’s it for now. I may give more feedback on this, though I now have to get ready for work.