Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Deprogramming self

So today I had a cool experience where I was tested in my application – because there’s two colleges of mine that are absent so I receive all the incoming phone calls to handle now, half of which is from people that are calling the wrong number so we have to redirect them all the time to the right number as we really cannot help them with their problem.

So I was busy at my desk, breathing and taking one action at a time, when I received a phone call from a person that was calling the wrong number and who it seems I already directed that same day towards the other service. This lady said she had called the other number but she’d had to wait too long and that did not seem normal to her, so she called me back to tell me she did exactly what I told her and still she was not being helped. So I explained again that I am completely unable to assist her and that she really needs to call the other service because I have strictly nothing to do with their service line - so what was fascinating is that instead of hearing me she wants to argue and ‘have a point’ – so I explained to her why she had to wait this long, is because the agents are having many other people on the line at that moment and one simply need to call back a later stage – yet instead of hearing me she starts arguing again about how ‘abnormal’ that is and that she is not being helped, and she’s doing an effort to call us and then she can’t even reach us.

So at that point a friction came up within me where I wanted to say: “look, what do you want me to do?” Which would obviously have started a game of wanting to be right and feeding the conflict. So, instead I took a breath and said: “look, you have to call on the other number later, that is really the only solution.” I also gave her another variation of the same number, which was in essence still the same number and then she stopped trying to convince me and she went off to try again an she did't call me back that day.

So, cool how breath assisted me in not going into an ego energy of ‘power’ which would have created a connflict – but instead was able to act effectively to sort out the problem, and within directing myself and not allowing myself to follow the preprogrammed reaction I was able to direct this woman.

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Viktor Persson said...

Cool - instant change in the moment here.