Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Feeding the Birds

So - it was interesting as I walked from the laundry a couple of days ago and saw someone had left bread crums on the sidewalk for the pigeons. So, there were loads of birds scrambling for the crums and there were more pigeons comming. It was obvious though there was not going to be enough for all of them...

Looking at this I found this quite cruel - because here you have someone who left 'food for the birds' but without considering the harm being done by letting the birds fight and scramble amongst themselves for the food - basially forcing the birds to compete against eachother and fighting eachother.

The person probably thought they are 'helping the birds' - but if you look at it from the pespective of the birds - they would probably enjoy it more if there was actually enough for everyone so they didn't have to fight. Lol - if I was a bird that's what I would like because then we can stop fearing each other and eat comfortably without worrying there will not be enough.

So - next time anyone go feed the birds, make sure you bring enough !

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Leila said...

Equal Money (=food) for Birds!