Wednesday, February 2, 2011

After Exams

Yesterday I had my last exam – so I would like to write about my experience within studying thus far.

Obviously with my full time job I have to study after work – though the last three days I’ve been rearranging my pattern to be able to do more: I would sleep after work, wake up at around 00:00 and then study the whole night until I have to go to work – this allowed me get through the amount of pages I had set out to do within those three days – with the result that I was ‘finished’ in the morning at 08:00 while my exam was only at 11:30.

So that gave me a perspective on what I am actually able to do – where previously I had not been able to do this much within such a short period of time.
I must say I did experience tiredness at work at some stages (and almost fell asleep at my desk) – though this is cool to test how far I can push these points (and also i didn't have a choice really).

I looked if I can make this a routine throughout the whole year, or simply a more regular routine – because then I would be able to study A LOT. What I had done previously a couple of times is sleep 3-4 hours in the evening and then try and sleep one more hour or so before going to work – though that never worked as planned and the result was I would be a wreck the next day at work. So – it’s important to have a consistent sleeping pattern – because I clearly noticed the difference with how I arranged my sleeping pattern these last days: I enjoyed to be able to have so much ‘time’ that is suddenly available when waking up at 00:00 – which is almost like a whole ‘day’ (in terms of working hours – because at a job one typically work 8 hours a day) that I can spend ‘before my day even started’ so to speak; and this allows me to be ‘clear and fresh for study’ because law books require more focus than my job in a way, and also it’s easier to push through tiredness at work where there is more physical movement and interaction – than sitting on a chair reading a book, where the tendency is to fall asleep when it gets late – so that was another reason why I could see it would be better to ‘reverse’ my day.

However I’m not gonna overstretch this application right now – because it was exhausting after a few days and obviously there are some impracticalities within ‘living at night’ as well. So – now obviously I will rest – though I can see how this pattern can be useful again in the future. So – I can for instance plan myself a week like this where I decide I want to ‘move faster’ within studies, and then check if my physical body can handle it.

Right after the exam I spoke to a person to decide how I will arrange the next semester – so now I have that sorted out as well.

So – overall I found this quite challenging because of the extent to which I pushed myself – and I was really glad when the professor confirmed immediately that I had passed the exam.

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