Sunday, February 13, 2011

Equality considerations

So, at the moment you have laws that make sure that when someone has gone through the great effort of accumulating a share of what is here for their own benefit to the point that they are placing others in a position of disadvantage and poverty – that what they accumulated at the expense of others remains ‘protected’ and that the effort that is put into that accumulation is ‘conserved’. It’s interesting how the wealthy of this world are by many regarded as icons of ‘success’ and of ‘victory in life’, while what they’re actually doing is depraving others from equal access to the resources they require to support themselves effectively in this world. How can stealing from others what they have an equal right to ever be a ‘success’ or a point of ‘victory’? Why do we call a rapist a criminal while someone who causes thousands to suffer is revered as an example of success and excellence?

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