Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Informant (Movie review)

Yesterday evening I finished watching the movie ‘the informant’ and I found the ending quite interesting. Basically the story is about a person working in a high level position in a company that starts to ‘tell stories’ to extort his environment/colleges, which brings him into contact with the FBI and makes him secretly work for the government as an informant. What is not clear in the beginning is that this person is actually having a pathological ‘lying problem’ – he basically lies to everyone all the time to get what he wants. So – what is fascinating is that by the end of the movie his life is completely destroyed because no one will be willing to ‘be on his side’ anymore – as they found he cannot be trusted because every time there is information he is deliberately not revealing or hiding which makes it impossible for any party to take on his ‘defense’.

So, at one point near the end of the movie you have one of the FBI agents with who he had been working closely for about 2,5 years in exposing corporate secrets – who came to his house and for the last time listens to one of his stories and says: ‘you really need to stop lying.’ What is interesting in the movie is that in that particular scene you as an audience can ‘hear the thoughts’ of the main character. So, what reveals is that when someone says something to him or asks him a question – he will speak to himself in his head first – which sounds like an automatic voice he has no control over – and then he wil word for word repeat that chatter of his mind out loud in the conversation. The interesting point is he does not seem to identify the ‘problem’ of listening to his thoughts as the actual reason for his lying – and still seems to hope he will ‘get through’ and ‘win’ in the end of the day, which is shown by the fact that he will immediately without question repeat the words spoken in his mind that sound like a broken record.

So – this is an interesting perspective on how the enslavement to the mind works – where the ‘problem’ is clearly identified yet simply ends with the ‘tragedy’ of the person being ‘unable to stop’ while no solution is given… The fascinating implication is that the character is portrayed as being ‘pathological’ because of the way he listens to his mind, yet what is not realized or what is taken for granted is how actually everyone who participates in their mind through any act of thinking – is actually ‘doing the same thing’ eg lying to themselves. So, this is an interesting point to study and ‘slow down’ within oneself: through being aware of one’s breath and focusing on one’s physical presence rather than on a point in the mind, one can notice how thoughts will actually pop up automatically in one’s head. So, this should make it very clear that ‘thoughts’ are indeed a form of self-allowed mind control – if one believe one’s thoughts as ‘real’ and ‘valid’.

Is it not strange that we will ‘listen to’ and ‘believe’ a separate voice in our head that speaks automatically. Is that not mentally unstable to say the least? Many will argue here "but it is not a ‘separate voice’ it is actually ‘me speaking’ in my head." Though if that were so – then one should be able to stop thinking by will in any given moment. And if you cannot ‘stop’ then you know you have a problem.

What the movie also clearly shows is that in the moment of listening to his thoughts, ‘Mark’ the main character, is not trusting himself in common sense and what would now be practical for him to consider, but trusting the voice in his head instead, regardless of the consequences. So, from that perspective this is also exposing the point humanity is facing regarding self-trust – because a strongly held believe is that ‘without thoughts one is unable to make reality-based considerations’ – yet that is not true – because one is able to directly ‘see’ what is ‘here’ as this physical reality without having thoughts about it and act based on that direct seeing. This has nothing to do with a spiritual guidance or higher understanding but simply the practical common sense that exist within every being. A baby is able to interact with his environment without having thoughts about it; Animals interact with their environment without having any thoughts about it. Awareness is not equal to thinking. Is everything in reverse?

So, check out the forum at Desteni where many examples are given on how to stop these patterns through self-forgiveness and writing in self-honesty... as I and many others have found that to be the only effective way to expose and stop the secret mind and learn what is means to see direct and actually express yourself.

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