Friday, March 25, 2011

Money is Time

Here I want to expound on a previous vlog where I had slightly touched upon how the experience of writers will be like in an equal money system in which everyone is provided with a basic income (equal money system).

Writers in an Equal Money System !

So – today I want to look at my experience of writing in relation to ‘time’ – this was many years ago when I had taken on the project to write a novel. When studying art (at Sint Lukas in Brussels) I often read about how artists would have this amazing ‘life-style’ wherein they were able to be at an optimum level of productivity. For instance I would read about how artists would literally ‘work’ all day on their art-work – as if that was the only thing that mattered in the world…

So – this is a ‘urge’ that exists in many artists: to be able to be productive beyond measure… There exists like a point of perfection within that.

In my case, I experienced such moments when I had my holydays in between the school years: because I could afford to not work – and one time I was allowed to be ‘alone at home’ with my two sisters only, while my parents were on their holiday in Spain. So, these were quite unique conditions from the perspective of the ‘space and support’ I was given to be able to literally do what I wanted. I choose to spend all my time writing. I sat hours and hours in front of a pc – writing the story – and I had given myself a deadline and a number of pages that would have had to be completed by the end of the summer, so I was writing against the clock as well and preferably I would write at least one whole page a day (that may not seem like much, but I was a real perfectionist), which was an amazing experience at the end of the day – to really be satisfied with my labor.

I never experienced this point again later on. Though one thing was certain: I wanted to be able to work like this, with such freedom, for the rest of my life…

This is why I support an Equal Money System, because at the moment the majority of human beings are not even able to consider that such support would be possible – if only we agreed to a system based on equality and respect for life, in which everyone is considered and valued.

Because if you really look at it, what made my experience possible is money an money only... Money is currently the problem in this world because of the disfunctional belief that life is worthless and therefore human beings should suffer and struggle their whole lif to survive in a system that values money over life... Would YOU like this current system to continue into eternity? Did you know that every signle day 20.000 children die from sarvation while there is actualy more than enough resources and capacity to feed and support everyone?

If could all coëxist together and stop all this harm and abuse - wouldn't you like to know about that ???

A real life support system is possible – investigate how…

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Power of Writing

In the plane I was reading a newspaper article about a woman and how she is using writing to ‘discover’ herself… So – I would like to give some practical pointers to everyone who would like to ‘discover themselves’ through writing.

A first thing to consider is that you do not want to write down your thoughts – as in: whatever pops up in your head and that you ‘feel you should express’. Now, many will find that to be impossible, because: “How else do I express myself other than with and through thoughts!” The suggestion here is to then start with writing self-forgiveness, which is an easy tool/application to use and when one do it effectively – the experience is quite liberating…

This is done as follows: “I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think and believe that I can only express myself in and through thoughts”/ “I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think and believe that I am my thoughts and that without thoughts I cannot exist.”/ “I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself in and through the act of thinking” / “I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to speak to myself in and as my mind as thoughts believing that I am actually communicating”…

What you will experience initially is a release as you write out your self-forgiveness and at the same time also like an inner pressure/discomfort – this indicates that you need to ‘push further’ and ‘go deeper’ with your self-forgiveness until you find the point/belief that is limiting you/holding you back. What I also suggest is to – especially initially – to speak the written self-forgiveness out loud as well because that will assist you with really ‘clearing’ yourself ‘sound-wise’ (because you are literally speaking the words out loud and in your ‘sound’ you will be able to hear whether you are clear or if further self-forgiveness is required).

So – to all those who are now thinking: what the fuck does self-forgiveness have to do with expressing myself/discovering myself through writing? Though, trust me on this one: if you are serious about it you will have ‘results guaranteed’, as I myself have been applying this for many years now. However – what you will note within the application of SF is that you actually need to be self-honest about what you forgive yourself for. Because if it’s not done unconditionally, as a realization of self, you will only mind-fuck yourself.

So – if you are interested in finding out what self-expression really means – I suggest give self-forgiveness a shot FOR ONE WEEK – and join me in walking this process of realizing who we really are as life – if you dare…

For further back-ground on self-forgiveness and self-honesty:
Desteni I process:


Friday, March 11, 2011

Do you know what the COOLEST thing is ???

Is to be able to BEATHE and STOP and realize that whatever you experience in your mind as thoughts, feelins and emotions is NOT REAL - as you just stopped it in one BREATH !

Let's Breathe and Walk together...