Monday, April 11, 2011

How to Fuck yourself up

So, it took me three years of application in this process to now start to become aware of a pattern that I was existing as – which is the point of holding back in communication and waiting for others to direct communication. What I mean by this is that I would for instance have something that I would like to ask someone – though instead of asking my question start projecting how the other being may possibly react to my question, and within that judge my question as not smart to ask or as really stupid – while I haven’t even asked anything yet and while the other being doesn’t even know that I would like to ask a question and thus has no opportunity to give any real feedback – this is called a mind-fuck.

These things happen so subtly if one is able to be here in breath – meaning: being here aware of every breath – to notice what is actually going on inside oneself in terms of the thoughts one create. It’s interesting that the word ‘back-chat’ has come up recently and is now being used in many interviews and discussions – because this word is used to denote that action where one talk in one’s mind hidden from the world and from others – like a constant form of gossip: back-chat. Also ‘back-chat’ sounds like ‘back-stage’ – where the mind is the hidden ‘back-stage’ of thoughts that one use to manipulate and prepare a certain presentation that is then brought in the ‘front-stage’. If there were no manipulation there would be no need for a curtain – and self would be open and vulnerable at all times. So – this is what open communication amounts to – to have no curtain behind which one try and prepare/manipulate in fear what it is you will be presenting to another – but simply speak direct: that will save you many mind-fucks and it will save you much time as well.

And see: the word mind-fuck is also specific – because when you speak direct, your communication is actually physical – not mental: in the mind there is actually no communication – only make-belief and self-brainwashing. Very dangerous indeed.

Therefore, whenever such a point comes up, you have only one choice: speak or die!

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Bella Bargilly said...

direct communication can ease one's life indeed - simplicity in application.
thanks for sharing Gabriel!

manuela said...
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Anonymous said...

"back-chat sounds like back-stage.." which is what runs our "performance" - and creates the mindfuck - well said. thanks Gabriel!