Monday, May 23, 2011

Thinking is the root of all Evil

The reason why this world is such a mess and why so much abuse exists is because human beings listen to the THOUGTS IN THEIR HEAD.

If you really look at it, everyone pretty much already agrees on what is ‘good’ and everyone already pretty much understands what would support everyone in this world. Everyone sees and understands that poverty and starvation and slavery should better not exist – because no one wishes to be in that position.

Everyone already pretty much understands and agrees to the words ‘do unto another as you would like to receive’ – as this is such undeniable common sense.

So, then why is humanity not standing together and acting as one group in full understanding and creating a solution for the mess of this world – but instead exist in conflict and division and fight each other in fear of each other?

What if everyone would ‘act’ upon the words ‘do unto another as you would like to receive’?

This world would be sorted out in no time and heaven on earth would actually exist.

Simply look at it – this is undeniable.

This is so simple that it become obvious why this is not being lived/honored – is because when it really comes to it – people will not listen to common sense – but will listen to the thoughts in their minds: the little voice that tells you you should consider yourself first and screw everyone else.

It is time to acknowledge that thinking is the root of all evil.

Write down your thoughts in a diary for one day if you don’t believe me.

Artwork Original Artist Andrew Gable

This is why it has been suggested that to change this world – man has to stop it’s addiction to the mind and to thinking – to become self-directive in breath and stop allowing thoughts to dictate one’s behavior and direction in the world.

There is a practical way to stop this that can be applied by everyone – and I suggest the most effective way to do it is through the ‘Desteni I Process’.

One will be assisted by others who have walked their own process of self-perfection – and receive a level of support that is no-where else to be found in his world – I mean: it really does not exist.

Do I promote ‘Desteni I Process’ ? – Obviously, but only because I know it works for me and because if I can do it then anyone can do it. What I am able to say is that you will be surprised the moment you realize: ‘Damn, I am actually able to stop this experience, (fear, anxiety, anger, depression, any experience really) – who I am is actually not this stupid voice in my head and I am able to move myself and direct myself as an act of self-will not limited by fear or reaction to or towards something or someone – ACTUAL freedom.’

That is when you can start acting in ways that you’ve never done before and can start creating a better world…

Gabriël Zamora Moreno

Saturday, May 7, 2011

You weren't taught how to read

Today I participated in a speedreading course – which is something I had been looking at doing since a while because I figured it would assist me with processing more information faster, so that I can move faster in my studies and also be more effective in general.

We were only 8 people participating as it was a private seminar – and the lady who organized this event had applied these techniques for herself and it seemed also everyone else in her family, so she could speak from her own experience and explain the points very simplistically.

As the seminar started a first point that surprised me is when she started explaining that the way we are being taught to read is actually not effective – as (in her terminology) the brain is able to process information a lot faster than the speed with which we read – so our reading speed is actually too slow for the brain – so the brain actually 'gets bored' and 'distrated' - which means we are not using the physical effectively.

She also made very clear that everyone is able to learn this and that it is merely a matter of practice – hence: of consistency and self-discipline.

The seminar was just this one morning and the lady said there is no reason to prolong the course as the ‘technique’ in itself is utterly simplistic and one merely need to practice by oneself to really become effective at it.

All one need to do ‘in essence’ is force oneself to read faster step by step – which is a physical training process and re-programming of the physical – so that the ‘reading-speed’ can be ‘up to speed’ with our physical ‘understanding speed’ – fascinating: will definitely test this and give feedback on results.

What I found most fascinating is how this is actually very well-known and widely used by business people and politicians – where it is called ‘smart reading’ – so why is this not being thought in all classrooms? This shows again that the education system does not care about really teaching children how to live and merely gives them useless knowledge and on top of that fucks up their reading capacity so they are screwed for the rest of their life.

Would you send your child to such a school ???

I am one vote for EQUAL EDUATION FOR ALL and the END of ALL ELITISM!