Friday, June 10, 2011

Writing yourself to Freedom

I’d like to share what my experience has been with writing and how ‘writing myself to freedom’ assisted me in getting to know myself.

So, first off when I started the process of self-forgiveness ad self-honesty – the initial step was most of all a process of ‘stopping’ – where I stopped speaking and writing my thoughts and had to find a way to direct myself in and as breath – to instead of thinking, be here with every breath. Then the point of ‘writing yourself to freedom’ was introduced – which was very exciting because now I could start really ‘digging’ into myself and write out many suppressed experiences I had had during my life – which were still influencing and controlling me.

This process of writing was quite intense because in the beginning I had this experience where I ‘couldn’t remember’ much of my childhood – and the writing actually assisted me in ‘breaking through’ my own veil of ‘forgetfulness’ and open myself up to myself – meaning: to how I had actually experienced myself in those moments that had a major influence over ‘who I had become’ as a person – though which I had never before in my life written about or even looked at.

So – I can definitely say that through writing I discovered all he forgotten parts of myself – I actually experienced it like that – like an inner journey, and it was the most liberating experience I had had in my life as well, because as I would write I would also ‘release’ the suppressed emotions/memories that were controlling me. And I found gratefulness towards myself within doing that, because I realized through writing out these events and releasing the emotions – that I was actually not those emotions – and I became ‘lighter’. I realized: I am Here.

Whenever the point would not be clear after the writing I would do additional self-forgiveness until I felt I was ‘empty’ – until there was no more inner tension.

Eventually I would only write self-forgiveness and skip the ‘writing the past’ part because more and more the points would be ‘here’ accessible for me and thus I could simply write self-forgiveness and let go of the point much quicker.

So, that is how I found writing has assisted me in ‘opening up’ – because I was keeping myself under the spell from the past through ‘forgetfulness’ – therefore through writing and self-forgiveness I took self-responsibility and could ‘break myself down’ and change myself for real.

I will only share parts of ‘what it meant to me’ - and obviously one have to see for oneself - as I am not interested in convincing anyone: the proof is in the pudding.

So, you can find the writings of which I speak on this very blog – and you’ll find other people’s writings in the blogs that are listed by author to the right of this page – which also inspired and supported me in my own application.

Gabriël Zamora Moreno

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