Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Self-re-education is the Key to a Great life

I was looking this evening at writing an aticle – though I decided I would first speak it on recording and then place it in writing, so here is the recording as well as the transcript:

“I would like to give a perspective on Desteni I Process in relation to self-education. So, an interesting way to look at desteni I process is from the perspective of self-Re-education, where you take directive principle by actually re-educating yourself.

Now that is quite a fascinating concept because when you look at it from the perspective of ‘who has created you’/’who has shaped the person you are today’, is those who have raised you. So, who you are is not the result of your own directive principle but the result of outside influences and outside factors that have created who you are. That would be your caretakers/parents extensively, television if it was in your life – extensively-, and school – probably extensively… So you have really been…. You really, really are a product of a factory from that perspective because you have really been fabricated and who you are today is a result of that process of shaping and forming who you are.

So, from that perspective the only way to take directive principle and to say “ok - now I am going to decide who I am”, is inevitably a process of re-education because the way you have been created was a process of gradual education – education has made you who you are, therefore to reverse that, you have to re-educate yourself. Which in the first place means that you have to be able to identify all the points that have create you, so you have to be able to become fluent in identifying patterns, behavioral constructs, personalities, addictions. And these are exactly all the points that are taken on in Desteni I Process, to be able to disengage those and stop existing as that which you have become as a product of the education of your environment and the impulses of your environment. So you can then decide ok I am ‘this’ – I don’t wanna be this – and I rather be this. And then you re-script yourself and you re-create yourself and you can make a statement of what you want to live…

Now that is quite revolutionary and to my knowledge there is not many that he been able to do it successfully – so, at Desteni we are doing it successfully; and that is what I wanted to shed some light on… I can certainly attest to it that it has been extremely worthwhile for me, and obviously I know many who are walking the same process.

So, it’s quite amazing what one is able to do… what one is able to stop is also a point in itself. It’s really amazing if you start applying the solutions and tools from the Desteni I Process – because that is something quite fascinating in itself is… the extent to which you take yourself for granted. Now, that will definitely be challenged in the Desteni I Process because I mean literally every single point of who you are/what you think yourself to be will be challenged and… basically you have to take on a stance of sef-responsibilty towards every single point that you are because as long as you don’t do that you are still the result of the creation of the past, of the programming of your environment.

Now, the fact that you were brought up by an environment is not a ‘problem’ as such – the problem lies in the fact that the systems of education that exist currently in the world are seldom to your benefit, are seldom beneficial and - it’s sad to say – make you an ineffective being, a being that is not effective at living fully, at a full potential, to live an effective life in self-satisfaction and… to really lead an existence that is worthwhile. The education systems that we have don’t support that unfortunately. That is why I would say one should consider re-education.

So, that was my perspective on that – thanks.”

Gabriël Zamora Moreno

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