Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Scared of Equality ?

In one night 5 desteni accounts – 4 of which were the main accounts - have been ‘terminated’ by youtube. These accounts altogether comprised more than 3000 video’s that were online and that were uploaded day by day since 2007.

Art by Andrew Gable

When we inquired as to why this action was taken by Youtube – they literally said they would not give a reason, so it smells like a ‘political’ decision.

So – let’s investigate what desteni promotes

- Self-forgiveness
- Self-honesty
- Self-responsibility
- Education
- Human rights
- The end of all war and abuse
- Equal Money

So, we are the most peaceful group imaginable – and specifically speaking out against violence in revolutions and suggesting the political route be taken to change the world in a democratic way, through peaceful means – where we stress that education is the key to change this reality into a place that is best for all.

People who see desteni often react upon seeing one video without having any context – so, yes desteni is not Mc Donalds or MTV – you have to actually do a bit of homework.

Yet – it is clear that what has been shared is perceived by some as threatening to their reality.

Which is quite fascinating,considering the message, which is: equality.

If I were you I would definately investigate a website that is causing so much disturbance – lol.


Gabriël Zamora Moreno