Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Backchat Story

Yesterday after I had cooked myself a meal - I sat myself down in the couch to eat comfortably.

Yet – it was warm outside and when it's warm like that I leave the front door open – and I knew many of the neighbors were sitting outside chatting - I could hear them talking.

("Being perception" - drawing by Marlen Vargas Del Razo)

So, even though I had some resistance I saw it was really stupid to eat here alone ‘hidden away’ in the house and I decided to get up and join my neighbors outside.

I said hello and joined two people who were sitting there, I took a seat on a chair that was placed outside – which many here in the street have outside all the time, and placed my plate with baked potatoes with mayonnaise on my lap.

So – there was my neighbor sitting there and another guy who will soon move in the street apparently – and who is from Finland – so, we talked about the language point a bit and then he asked if I don’t speak Finnish, because that would be so cool to have someone who speaks Finnish. So, here my backchat was ‘ok, why would I speak Finnish’ – as the question seemed a bit ambiguous.

Then we started talking about my food – like ‘what are you eating’, and I said it’s baked potatoes – after which my neighbor asked if I’m a cook (which I found a funny question) or if I just cook randomly, so I explained that recently I actually started putting some effort in the food I prepare (like today I made onions with tomatoes and merguez and little potatoes, though the potatoes were ready last) – whereas before I would simply buy stuff from the fridge etc. in the store that never involves any real cooking. I also explained that I was feeling physically better since I started doing that and the Finish guy said: ‘Yes, that stuff from the fridge is not good.’

Then an interesting thing happened, the Finnish guy asked if he could have one potatoe – to which I had a reaction. Because the thoughts that came up were: ‘but I have only two potatoes left for myself’, and ‘how dare you’ and ‘It’s just enough for myself’ – but I simply held my plate in his direction and he took a small potatoe of my plate.

I wasn’t all clear on what this reaction signified, but I saw it would be really nonsensical and sabotage to refuse – lol, and there was probably some peer-pressure at play as well. Though because this reaction kept sitting in me and I started experiencing a slight resistance to sit with this person - I didn’t stay much longer after my plate was empty and I went back in the house.

Now this unfolding of action-reaction is quite easy to pinpoint afterwards – and a solution could have been to breathe and deliberately engage the person to move through the ‘resistance-energy’. But instead I accepted the reaction as ‘real’, even up to the belief where I afterwards stated in my back-chat: “see – this is what happens when you engage with these people – immediate consequence!”

When I shared this point with Manuela later the evening – and I shared the question that I had asked myself: “so what is there to be realized” within this, and I shared my backchat around it – that maybe I should have ‘stood up’ – Manuela made it very clear that the reaction was based in ego and indeed a form of sabotage.
So, it was cool to see how easily a mindfuck is created.

And the point where it starts is very simple: is ‘believing’ a thought, ‘believing the backchat’ – because self try to make sense out of a moment through the mind – using backchat – instead of breathing here and standing equal as the moment here. So, thinking or backchat is then simply a form of attempted control – because the realty of the moment is simply here to be seen, explored, participated in – yet as soon as you follow the white rabbit of thought you clearly end up in a delusional reality.

So, join us at Desteni – where we support ourselves and each other to stop our delusions and dysfunctional behavior and start participating with each other as equals here in the physical.

Gabriël Zamora Moreno

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Neither optimsim nor pessimism changes the reality we live by

Optimism is often placed in a polarity with either pessimism or cynicism, which are being described as those who actually proclaim that nothing can be done and the situation/reality is fucked and therefore there is really no point in doing anything.

So, the choices the system is giving you is either to be delusional as an optimist or to ‘give up on reality’ as a pessimist.

Because if one look at the word ‘optimism’ – it is tacitly implying that perception will be manipulated so that one do not actually deal with reality.

So, neither of both are actually willing to look at reality – because a pessimist will merely use knowledge to justify his position of self-defeat.

In constrast to optimism and pessimism stands self-honesty.

Self-honesty is the willingness to unconditionally investigate self and reality as self to find out what really exists and to go as deep as necessary in order to understand the extent of the problem.

Because, in self-honesty – what can we see about ourselves and this world?

We can see that this reality is a hell for the majority of beings that exist here, humans and animals alike. That is not a pessimist statement – it is a matter of numbers. More than half of the 7 billion human beings that live on this earth, exist in poverty. Did you know that? Animals are even worse of than humans, as they are mostly abused as either food or slaves.

Would you like to be in the shoes of the chicken who is caged and cannot even spread it’s wings and who merely serve as an egg factory, to end up being brutally killed and eaten? No, you wouldn’t.

So, then why is it allowed by all of humanity collectively?

Remember that you receive equal to what you give.

So, in self-honesty – what is the solution?

The solution is self-responsibility – to realize every single one are equally responsible for this and to within that investigate how self has given permission for this atrocity to exist.

Because that is the message no one wants to hear - that has nothing to do with pessimism. It has to do with basic common sense and finally stopping al excuses.

Are you ready for this?

Optimists and pessimists of this world…

The tools with which to approach this are self-forgiveness, writing and breathing.

With written self-forgiveness you face yourself and what you’ve become – deprogramming your accepted and allowed patterns of self-interest and greed – and with breathing you’ll make sure you do not walk the same patterns again and birth yourself as a real Physical being that is able to do what is best for all.

Join us at Desteni – together we’ll create a better world.


Monday, September 5, 2011

The Shortest Route

I was walking the streets with Manuela – and she crossed the street at one point to ask someone for directions. I was waiting on the other side of the street until she’d be finished – and in my mind I was thinking about making signs to her to ‘communicate’ the question: ‘should I cross the street or are you gonna cross the street back again’ ?

Though in that moment I saw how hopelessly complicated this was and looked around me and saw I was in that moment able to cross the street – and so I simply did and the ‘problem’ was solved. Later she said she had been surprised by me crossing the street because it was an unusual thing to do, which I had also experienced.

We afterwards talked about this because it was a cool example of how in self-presence the simple solution will emerge – the shortest possible route, and how this can be applied in many other situations.

Thus the solution is always: breath – be here – present in the physical – then you don’t need to ‘think’.