Sunday, September 18, 2011

Neither optimsim nor pessimism changes the reality we live by

Optimism is often placed in a polarity with either pessimism or cynicism, which are being described as those who actually proclaim that nothing can be done and the situation/reality is fucked and therefore there is really no point in doing anything.

So, the choices the system is giving you is either to be delusional as an optimist or to ‘give up on reality’ as a pessimist.

Because if one look at the word ‘optimism’ – it is tacitly implying that perception will be manipulated so that one do not actually deal with reality.

So, neither of both are actually willing to look at reality – because a pessimist will merely use knowledge to justify his position of self-defeat.

In constrast to optimism and pessimism stands self-honesty.

Self-honesty is the willingness to unconditionally investigate self and reality as self to find out what really exists and to go as deep as necessary in order to understand the extent of the problem.

Because, in self-honesty – what can we see about ourselves and this world?

We can see that this reality is a hell for the majority of beings that exist here, humans and animals alike. That is not a pessimist statement – it is a matter of numbers. More than half of the 7 billion human beings that live on this earth, exist in poverty. Did you know that? Animals are even worse of than humans, as they are mostly abused as either food or slaves.

Would you like to be in the shoes of the chicken who is caged and cannot even spread it’s wings and who merely serve as an egg factory, to end up being brutally killed and eaten? No, you wouldn’t.

So, then why is it allowed by all of humanity collectively?

Remember that you receive equal to what you give.

So, in self-honesty – what is the solution?

The solution is self-responsibility – to realize every single one are equally responsible for this and to within that investigate how self has given permission for this atrocity to exist.

Because that is the message no one wants to hear - that has nothing to do with pessimism. It has to do with basic common sense and finally stopping al excuses.

Are you ready for this?

Optimists and pessimists of this world…

The tools with which to approach this are self-forgiveness, writing and breathing.

With written self-forgiveness you face yourself and what you’ve become – deprogramming your accepted and allowed patterns of self-interest and greed – and with breathing you’ll make sure you do not walk the same patterns again and birth yourself as a real Physical being that is able to do what is best for all.

Join us at Desteni – together we’ll create a better world.


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Anonymous said...

yes, indeed - optimism and pessimism are grounded in the polarised manifestations we experience within ourselves. Swaying between these poles will continue to bring stagnation to the world and achieve nothing. Only self-honesty is the path that will lead us from polarisation to a stable and balanced existence in which we learn to do what is best for all.