Monday, September 5, 2011

The Shortest Route

I was walking the streets with Manuela – and she crossed the street at one point to ask someone for directions. I was waiting on the other side of the street until she’d be finished – and in my mind I was thinking about making signs to her to ‘communicate’ the question: ‘should I cross the street or are you gonna cross the street back again’ ?

Though in that moment I saw how hopelessly complicated this was and looked around me and saw I was in that moment able to cross the street – and so I simply did and the ‘problem’ was solved. Later she said she had been surprised by me crossing the street because it was an unusual thing to do, which I had also experienced.

We afterwards talked about this because it was a cool example of how in self-presence the simple solution will emerge – the shortest possible route, and how this can be applied in many other situations.

Thus the solution is always: breath – be here – present in the physical – then you don’t need to ‘think’.


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Anonymous said...

Moreover, it was an act in equality because I had crossed the street to ask for direction to a grocery store. I was in the process of obtaining information for both of us and in that sense, your crossing the street to join me again, was supporting this movement and sharing the effort.