Friday, November 25, 2011

How the Agreement supported my Physical Changes

When I met Manuela I was physically in bad shape because of the place I had given food in my life. I would not be willing to give food much attention nor was I willing to take interest in how I could better support myself with food. I was focusing on how I could ‘save time’ through not giving attention to food – which revealed to be a point where I actually don’t give attention to myself and where I neglect myself.

I had in my previous years been busy with food – yes – though not to the extent where I would be taking responsibility for the point of food in my life as such. The results were that I had throughout the last year accumulated a lot of pimples on my back and I was feeling bad physically a lot of the time, I would also feel weak often as I would walk home from work, which is actually a sign of malnourishment, and I had accumulated a yellowish glaze in my eyes the last year, which seemed to indicate liver-problems.

I had done some attempts to improve my diet though I never pulled them through, because I was not getting the immediate results I was looking for, and thus I would give up and sink back to old patterns.

When I started the agreement with Manuela – we agreed that I needed to change the way I eat.

Since we both share an uncommon blood group type, she was well placed to give me specific support and suggestions regarding what foods would most likely support me and which I should better avoid for a while.

This was cool in a way because Manuela had throughout the years accumulated a lot of experience around food that was specifically related to her own physical body – which is where the blood group becomes relevant, because a lot of the symptoms of physical discomfort I was describing to her she could easily relate to and she would say she had gone through exactly the same.

This is where I started trusting what she had to say and I went with her suggestions. I very quickly turned over my entire diet and started eating things I had never before eaten in my life, and some of the foods I had never heard of.
This whole point we did together where we would go buy the food together and also cook the food together – so that the whole process was placed in the picture.

It became clear very soon that this was a right path to take as the physical feedback we were getting was very specific. The pimples on my back started disappearing very fast, I would feel much better physically, I would feel lighter in my walk and also the yellowish glaze in my eyes completely cleared up after a couple of weeks already. I also have an easier time shitting now etc.

So, this made me realize that food in our society is definitely not a given and one really need support and education in how to nurture oneself in an effective manner. In this case I realize that I would not have been able to get out of this by myself and that without another person assisting me and pushing me with this point my health might have gotten really bad in a matter of years.

I am now walking the point of standing as an equal to Manuela in the point of food so that I can more and more take full responsibility for this by myself.


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Anonymous said...

Gabriel, it was fascinating to see how you turned your health around, and how you continue to walk this point now on your own. I enjoy having been able to assist you in this.