Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Adventures of Tintin - an Equal Money perspective

I recently saw the latest Tintin movie and would like to give some perspective on it. There is in particular one scene in the movie that I'd like to look at and discuss. This is when Tintin arrives into the Carraboudjan and finds Captain Hadoc there, in his cabin in the ship, locked in a room and busy intoxicating himself with alcohol.

The point with this scene is that supposedly Hadoc lost his ship to his crew who mutinied against him – where he ended up locked up in his cabin, completely powerless in his own ship.

However when Tintin arrives, by sneaking in through the window, and they both look at how to get out, they simply find the door of the cabine was actually not locked – the door simply opens and Hadoc could in fact have left in any given moment.

Now – to place this in broader context, this exemplifies very well the situation of humanity – because it clearly shows that whatever one experiences is always the result of one’s own acceptances and allowances, one always creates one’s own consequence.
Thus in the movie Captain Hadoc has the opportunity to take responsibility for himself and his situation by doing all he can to make sure everything is considered – but instead he accepts the situation as being hopeless which causes him to overlook the door wasn’t even locked.

One can imagine that the guards didn’t even find it necessary to lock the door anymore as Hadoc had become a completely subservient prisoner who would actually be his own worst enemy by weakening himself through alcohol – not needing any external force anymore to keep him controlled, as he was doing that already all by himself.
So, this is also where humanity accept their reality the way it is because apparently ‘the door is locked’ as an excuse – as they didn’t push themselves all the way to find out how they can change their situation.

If we transpose this behavioral pattern into the world stage – it becomes clear that the same mechanisms are at work when it comes to world politics, economy and making decisions that are best for all. A clear example of this is the Equal Money System – where all possible excuses are used as to why such a change of society would not be possible. Because just as Hadoc perceived himself as being trapped in his ship – humanity has allowed itself to be trapped within a socio-economic system, where the majority of human beings are not properly supported, as more than half of humanity is living on less than 1 dollar a day and every day one billion go to sleep with an empty stomach. Yet the cause of all inequality in the world – is the money system – which is a human creation!

Obviously such a situation is unacceptable - and the facts about inequality are known by world learders.

Yet is any serious solution coming forth?

Just like Hadoc is unwilling to unconditionally assess his reality, humanity is unwilling to consider everything that is here. Because if that were done, responsibility would have to be taken by all to change the system and create a better way for all. Such a better way is the Equal Money System: a new socio-economic system based on the principles of Equality, self-responsibility and respect for all Life. Thus by presenting the Equal Money System to the world – we are taking away humanity’s excuse and showing how this can actually be done.

Did you know that it is possible to change your world?

Did you know this is mostly just a matter of changing the monetary system as per agreement by all ?

Investigate how money is currently being created – as you were not told the whole story.

Join us if you are ready...

Gabriël Zamora Moreno