Friday, January 27, 2012

Ascension 2012 will end really Bad

So, I’m writing this blog – because as the news is showing events in the world are only escalating and instead of people waking up and realizing there is intervention needed, more and more beings are turning towards prepackaged forms of delusion based on pretty pictures and nice words.

With Iran now being placed under more pressure internationally through the trade blockage that has been agreed on in Europe – it is clear that the rhetoric and threats that had been used, are now reaching a stage where world war starts to become a likely outcome.

What the media is creating within this is an experience where everyone is merely feeling like an ‘observer’ to these events instead of a participant who is contributing to the creation of this total mess.

From the movie Event Horizon - the crew took out their own eyes because "they didn't need them anymore where they are going"

A dangerous element within this all is that amongst the elite there are still those who follow belief systems according to which they will ascend to a higher realm and not be affected by whatever happens on the physical earth.

This sounds like Babylonian Mayhem.

Much of the ascension movement relies on the belief that cataclysmic events are to come at the crossroads of the ascension-leap – so they perceive that escalation towards world war is proving that they are right. What they fail to see is that every period in time there have been groups who claimed a cataclysmic event and who would use any event in the world as confirmation for their predictions.

So, don’t be stupid within wanting to do it again, just because you think this time you’ll be right.

I suggest – stop.

What you know is that you are now here on earth – that you can trust.
What you cannot trust is a belief that has been formed through thinking based on energy in the mind – which means: based on fear and desire.

Be here in every Breath and start birthing yourself as a physical being, out of your mind – to start seeing reality without distortions.

As you can see this world is moving into yet another cycle of useless violence – no different than any of the previous times. Has anything changed? Has anything been realized? Is this the fate of Humanity and of your children – to just keep repeating cycles of abuse and suffering?
I propose we break the cycle – though that will take real effort and dedication.

No-one will do this for you – so if you have apparently ‘no time’ – then you will face the consequence of that.

Obviously all previous generations have failed in bringing about a change. Will you be the next failure? Or do you say: I no longer accept and allow this and will make it my life-long commitment to see to it that a better world be created where all Life is treated Equal and where children can be born to lead a life without fear?

Join Desteni – investigate Equal Money – it’s time to start working together and not let fear dictate the outcome. The answer is Here.

Gabriël Zamora Moreno

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