Tuesday, January 17, 2012

December 21, 2012 will be the result of inconsideration

Let’s look at the process of imagination and what happens when one participate in one’s imagination in the mind. We agree that spirituality is a process of imagination. Many mediation and visualization techniques explicitly ask that one use one’s imagination to impulse oneself with ‘peacefulness’ and ‘bliss’.

Only those who have sufficiently elevated themselves into a state of ‘love’ and ‘positivity’ will be qualified to ascend when the date of December 21, 2012 arrives.

The problem with imagination is that when one is in one’s mind imagining something – one lose awareness of what is here in the physical. Meaning: one create a separate mind dimension of experience where the actual world in which one physically sit and breathe – is not included.

Therefore, the more one participate in imagination – the more separation one create with physical reality. So, spiritual ascension is in fact spiritual separation. Because you separate yourself from reality in your ‘spirit’.

Now, every moment is an opportunity that one can use to either be here aware of oneself breathing – or that one can waste by participating in the mind. Because you will note that whenever you are busy thinking – the world continues in that moment without you – you just excluded yourself from reality. Therefore, the way to be here and have a say in reality, is to be self-present here in every breath and direct yourself in and as the physical.

The 2012 ascension movement is geared towards making a better world happen. It projects a bright future where there is no more suffering, for those who dedicate themselves to the cause of the ‘spirit’.

What is not understood within this is how physical reality is created on the most basic level.

When you are here and aware of your breathing – you can make decisions that are based on what you observe in your world, your assessment of the situation will be ‘sharp’. If you are however diverted in your mind and doing something mechanically while being busy thinking about what you want to do tomorrow – most likely you will fuck up whatever it is you are doing, because you are not aware of yourself here in the physical and of your environment, you are not giving any care and attention to the task you are busy with. Similarly, if you insist on experiencing bliss through your imagination as much as possible, despite of what you can observe is happening in the world around you with half your brethren existing in poverty and one billion not even having enough food to feed themselves properly – how do you think that will accumulate?

Therefore you cannot create a better world, when you are not HERE fully participating in the physical – but instead are running in your mind.

Similarly December 2012 will be nothing more than the accumulation of all the breaths that were missed by humanity leading up to that date. It will be the accumulation of humanity’s inconsideration. If you want to change the future - best to stop imagination and start a process of bringing yourself back in the physical and start seeing what is really happening.

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Gabriel Zamora Moreno

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