Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Experience with building Orgone Devices

Back in 2007 when I was following the love and light path, I got curious about orgone energy and the orgone devices that people were creating around the world.

Leila found a video online about how to make it and I decided I would collect the materials and start making orgone devices. I believed this would assist me greatly in ‘heightening my vibration’ to a more ‘positive frequency’.

Photography by Michèle R.

Hence I went out of my way to research where I could find the different materials (Quartz Kristals, large amounts of tiny Metal scrap parts, and resin). I was very much satisfied when after some time finally having collected all my ingredients.

I took a lot of pleasure in building the orgone ‘pyramids’ as such, because I enjoyed the physical process of placing the Kristals specific inside the resin filled with metal scraps – to then let the whole harden over time. I would then take the hardened resin shape out of it’s form and there I would have my orgone device…

So, from that perspective it was simply an opportunity to have some fun and play around with materials.

Photography by Michèle R.

However, at that time I perceived this would help in bring about a great change within myself and my environment. The principle of the orgone device was that it would absorb all the ‘negative energy’ in its environment and transform this into ‘positive energy’.

What I currently understand, since I’ve walked the process of applying self-forgiveness for some years now and within that I have been taking responsibility for myself and my world – is that it is not possible to change myself or my world by using orgone devices. In a way the belief-system around these devices, is not different than the solution given by Christianity, namely that “Jesus died for all my sins and therefore I can abuse all I want because I am eternally cleansed and also I don’t need to take any self-responsibility for anything I’ve done and I’m simply eternally absolved…” as with the orgone device, it will simply take out all the ‘bad’ and magically replace it with ‘good’, without you having to put in any work into it or without you being in any way accountable. This also shows how spirituality is merely presenting the same formulas that were already presented by Christianity – it’s the same deception.

How is it deception?

Because in Christianity just as with the orgone devices, self-responsibility is ignored – as something/someone outside of you is magically going to absolve and cleanse you.

These methods have proven throughout history to be worthless because they have not resulted in any human being being able to change himself as they don’t provide any tools that assist with self-understanding and self-honesty. If you don’t understand how you have created the mess that you are currently experiencing, then how will you not end up creating the same shit again? It is obvious when looking at history that human beings have made no progress in terms of self-honesty and self-understanding, in any way whatsoever, as can be seen by the violence and bloodshed that is still dominant in today’s world.

Therefore the only way to stop this is by actually taking self-responsibility, through written out and loud-spoken self-forgiveness through which you get to understand what it is you are doing and how you are doing it – so that you can then STOP your patterns of abuse, because you have now seen how it works, and you can make a decision about what you will no longer accept and allow.

To then create a CHANGE in this world that is permanent, you need to educate those around you as to what is self-honesty, and how one can take self-responsibility through self-forgiveness.

Christianity and all its spiritualist offshoots are actually promoting IRRESPONSIBILITY, as they simply refuse to acknowledge the point that self is always responsible – insisting that outside forces are your ‘saving grace’.

With Self-forgiveness you have to become your own ‘saving grace’- because through self-forgiveness you start to look at all the aspects of yourself that are not in alignment with what is best for all life – and you start a process of re-scripting yourself into a being that is trustworthy and that stands for what is best for all – thus becoming your own creator. The message of Jesus ‘Do unto your neighbor as you would like them unto you’ lived practically.

See the Destonian vlogs and read our Blogs to see how we change ourselves for real – we are proof that ‘Human Nature’ is just an excuse and that every single person is able to do this.

This is not a matter of skill, but a matter of Will.

Do you have the Will?

Gabriel Zamora Moreno

Sunday, February 5, 2012

How I was able to hear the Desteni message

There are a couple of aspects as to why I was able to hear the Desteni message. One of them is that shortly before finding Desteni I had become very focused on and obsessed with spirituality, because I had a problem… the problem was that I was experiencing physical pain, and I wanted to use meditations, sound frequency, self-hypnosis and similar techniques to manipulate my body so that I would feel better.

Whenever I would do these things, it would make the situation worse.

I would be in more pain and the situation wasn’t better at all. So, I was getting pretty desperate… and it was clear to me that what I was doing was on a level that a doctor would not be able to help me, because they’re not going to be interested in self-hypnosis and creative visualization and how that works or how you program your body with that bullshit.

And - I felt pretty alone in this, and I was thinking that I must be the only person in the world who is dealing with this. I was in other words under the impression that “I’m fucked”.

If we look at Desteni, what is the core message? It’s self-forgiveness. Thus the message I was given is that if I want to ‘alleviate my situation’, I will have to take self-responsibility – the only way out is self-responsibility.

So, when I tried self-forgiveness for myself, and when taking it seriously, I found it to be directly effective and it did also assist me. I had actually direct physical feedback of the effectiveness of self-forgiveness. Whenever I would be working with a point, there would be a self-release and a there would be a physical release, and I was able to work through the pains I was experiencing.

So, that’s one aspect.

Another aspect is the common sense aspect, of why I was able to hear the Desteni message. Because, when I was busy with the “love and light”, the meditations and the ascension, I was also a believer in 2012… believing that some beings are going to ascend and that’s just how it’s going to be, and there was one particular interview done by Jack, who is one of the beings who spoke through the portal, and he explained in a very straightforward manner that basically: 2012 is not going to happen. And that it is in essence greed, because in the projection of ascension the idea is that some will be ‘saved’ and they will ascend, and then those who have ascended will just wait for the rest who remain suffering on earth. And he made it clear how massive separation that is and total self-interest, and within myself… I could not argue with that. I saw that so clearly, how ascension was actually evil.

So, from that point of not being able to argue with that, I simplistically developed respect towards the points that Desteni was bringing forward… and I started to investigate more and more.

In essence, what made me realize that Desteni was for real is when I would apply self-forgiveness – this was in a period when I had a lot of time to myself, which I was fortunate to have, I realize that – I had a lot of time to apply self-forgiveness. I was all alone, and I could speak self-forgiveness out loud, unhindered, and I could really check this thing out, you know…

I could really check it out – and I did. And I found for myself through the application of self-forgiveness that it worked. There was immediate effect and feedback. I was basically through self-forgiveness discovering what self-expression is, because I have never in my Life (that I am aware of) discovered self-expression, which did open up through self-forgiveness. And I found it quite magnificent, and I decided that – fuck – I’m going to stick with this…

These are just a couple of points, a couple of perspectives on what I was experiencing at that time and what were the reasons why I was able to hear the Desteni message, why it made sense to me – and why I got so interested.

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