Monday, August 19, 2013

When I learned that Bernard Poolman died...

When I read that Bernard had died – I was for a moment in a state of shock, experiencing a very daunting fear of not being in control. Then, as the message sunk in,  I looked at the implications of this event for me and for the group, and within this I realized that, as such, it did not change anything, except that it was now really up to us - as if it had ever been any different.

In a way I was prepared for this, because Bernard had told me that one day he will no longer be here, “because he is too much.” (as in “too intense”) When he told me this 4 years ago in front of the fire place, I cried.

Yet, what probably made me more prepared than this was the fact that I could see within myself that I am ready to stand and that for this I don’t “need Bernard”.

I have all the tools to walk this process, I know that the decisions that I had already made in the past years still stand and that I must keep walking my point. “You must continue, even after I am gone.”

Interestingly, I am continuing – not “because of Bernard” – but because I see that there is really no other choice. It is what must be done.

And so I commit myself to walk this process together with the people of the group of Desteni until my last breath.

Bernard’s death showed us that we are still accepting way too many limitations and justifications, as to why we cannot be who we would like to be and why we cannot be more effective, more directive, more self-disciplined, start walking points in more detail.

Bernard walked his process ‘alone’ and went all the way.

This is now our task.

Let’s stand and walk together, and not accept anything less from ourselves than what is best for all Life.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Looper 2012 - Closing the Loop of Existence

I recently saw the movie Looper, released in 2012, with Joseph Gordon-Levit and Bruce willis. See a brief descritopn here of the plot if you haven't seen it.

In the end of this movie, there is a realization by the main character (Gordon-Levit) that the future is programmed and he then makes a decision “to end this loop”. His solution however is one of self-destruction, where he decides to take himself out of the picture completely.

There are a few considerations to this.

If we look at the point in common sense – we see that yes he did stop a part of the consequence of what he saw would happen in the future. But he did not see that fundamentally this will not really have an impact on the future. It will not change the future of humanity – which we see is already being depicted in the movie as becoming more and more unequal and with more and more crime and violence.

So, in the light of this, we can see that the Looper did not take self-responsibility but that from an existential perspective he took the easy way out so that he could die with a clean conscience – not considering the whole of the mess he is leaving behind and for which he does not see himself as being responsible, which is: all of humanity.

So what the story in the movie is revealing is how we as human beings have a limited perspective on what responsibility means because we do not consider the consequence that our life and our actions have towards the whole.

Now commonsensically – when you kill yourself – you destroy your ability to have any form of impact in the world. The point to realize is that as long you are here on earth, there is a potential to change yourself and this whole reality to something that is best for all. So, clearly our concept of self-responsibility towards the whole is currently standing nowhere – because we would easily buy into a story where suicide is considered responsible (regardless of the context) and a solution.

The truth is that the only responsible thing to do is to start a process of self-change – where one recognize that, yes, one is completely programmed, and if we continue our programmed life-walk then the outcome of the collective is certain. We will end up in greater inequality, more crime and violence and eventually, as all Hollywood movies are so nicely showing, complete destruction. Yet within that realization lies the possibility for change, where one decide to no longer accept and allow oneself to be that program, but instead take responsibility for what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to become and start living according to principles that are best for all, just like Jesus did.

So, in the case of the Looper, upon seeing the programmed future unfold – he had an opportunity to make a self-honest decision, which was to stop his life of self-interest (seeing who he would become as an enraged maniak) and become an example of what is best for all.

Obviously this can only be done through self-forgiveness and writing and self-corrective application – so the Looper still had an excuse as these things were not part of his consideration, but the same cannot be said for you, the reader of this blog... Here you are being offered the keys to self-change: self-forgiveness spoken and written in self-honesty and self-corrective application, practiced daily – in every breath – to stop your programmed nature of self-interest and harm and to become the grain that will grow a future of definitive change.

If you had an opportunity to stop your programmed nature (you know what I am talking about, the exact same thoughts you have on a daily basis, the reactions towards people you are unable to stop, the addictions you are a slave to) would you not be curious to investigate? Would you not want to know that there is another life possible?

Don’t become a Looper – take self-responsibility for your Life, investigate the Journey to Life blogs and the desteni forums. You will find many examples of inspiring change and of what it means to stand up.