Sunday, May 24, 2015

Take care of your Afterlife

Let’s take a practical look at the afterlife. We have seen many people die in our world and based on that we are able to draw a conclusion: whenever someone died, the world continued to exist without them. It is therefore safe to say that the same will be true for you: when you die, the world will continue to exist without you.

In terms of the possibility of an Afterlife, you have actually not had any evidence that an afterlife would await you after death. But you have had plenty of proof that life on earth continues whenever someone died. Hence the real afterlife should be defined as follows: “the Afterlife is that which comes After my Life.” And based on the evidence you have you can conclude that “that which continues after your life” is simply “life on earth”. Therefore your Afterlife is the world you leave behind for others and this brings an immense responsibility.

In most countries the individual can decide for himself if and how he takes responsibility for his death. With taking responsibility for one’s death I mean: making the necessary arrangements such as through a testament, but also discussing your death with those in your world and what needs to happen after your death.  It means that you ask yourself the question: what needs to be in place so that when I die, there is a graceful transition for those I leave behind.

The reason why the above mentioned freedom of choice (will I take responsibility for my death or not?) exists is very simple. Technically speaking the law cannot force you to make or not make certain death arrangements (whereas the law can for instance force parents to meet certain parental obligations towards their children) because once you are dead no-one can take legal action against you anyways. So, it is clear that this freedom of choice was only created as a cover up for the inability of the system to deal with this point otherwise. This way it sounds like an honorable thing and as if the system ‘respects’ your decisions.

The solution that was found to this problem is that if the person does not take responsibility for their death, their relatives can be held accountable and can in fact be forced to deal with whatever the deceased person was unwilling to deal with. So, in that sense the responsibility of the deceased is simply transferred. Thus it is never a real freedom, because others will have to pay for the negligence of the departed one.

From my perspective the freedom to deal with your death or not – should not exist, because as I have explained you are merely transferring your responsibility, and that is unacceptable. This topic should in fact be part of your education, to such an extent that you are completely comfortable with looking at the consequences of your death practically and what you need to do to ensure that your death does not harm others. It’s interesting – death is the one certainty in everyone’s life – yet it is the one point we don’t want to deal with. How can we ever grow up and be responsible when we exist in denial towards the greatest certainty in this reality? Does that not sound delusional?

Let’s prepare the way for a world in which individuals are able to look death in the eye and through that actually become stronger human beings with greater empathy and integrity.

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